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Book Review: Alien Pregnant By Elvis, part 4

Alien Pregnant By Elvis edited by Esther M. Friesner and Martin H. Greenberg, part 4

Magnetic Personality Triggers Nail-Biters Near Death Ordeal!

Told in 'rural' dialect, this isn't beautiful mediocrity – just mediocrity.

They'd Never

By Harry Turtledove. Tabloid journalists have a close encounter with evil aliens. This is a dated and sexist abject failure.

Loch Ness Monster Found – In The Bermuda Triangle!

Told in 'Scottish' dialect, this manages to be racist, dumb and wildly inaccurate.

Racehorse Predicts The Future

An oracle and prognosticator is not in this incoherent story.

Printer's Devils

This is a dated and incoherent tale of some dude mortified by softwate out to get him. Things get escalatory. This was not utterly conclusive or universally well-received.

Cannibal Plants From Heck

Evil plants attack. Some git refuses to talk about his grievance. This does not make you responsive or interested. This leaves you with blatant disinterest.

Psychic Bats 100 For Accuracy!

A series of WILDLY inaccurate predictions. This has no dramatic power.

Caveat Atlantis

This was not an improving exercise. Nor is it commendable.

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