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Book Review: Alien Pregnant By Elvis part 3

Alien Pregnant By Elvis edited by Esther M. Friesner and Martin H. Greenberg, part 3

Hitler Clone In Argentina Plots Falklands Reprise Or Death And Transfiguration

Hitler is alive and well and living in South Ameirca. He tries to let people know but it is dismissed as a mad rumour. This is played for comedy and is utterly taste free.

Best Lines:

“Sullen indignation.”

“An anger that seemed capable of assuming monstrous proportions.”

Group Phenomena

A reporter uncovers a terrible secret but realises he can do nothing to improve his situation. This was okay and has some narrative amiguity as the reporter learns another race mainipulates events and controls humanity's view of them.


This is a very short story about the return of lost animals. This was eminently implausible.

How Alien He Really Was

This is another very short story about an alien stranded on Earth and the awful predicament he is in. This is sad.

NASA Sending Addicts To Mars: Giant Government Coverup Revealed!

NASA landing on Mars goes awry in this sexist and racist tale. This has an unpleasant tang of fakery.

Best Line:

“Down-home grin.”


Furries! Enough said.

In Search Of The Perfect Orgasm Or Doing It With A Big Lizard Can Be Fun

The author gets pervy about a 16 year old. This is full of grossness and slut shaming.

Saving Sam's Used UFOs

A reporter runs afoul of a used UFO saleman in this medicore tale.

Danny's Excellent Adventure!

There is Dan Quayle mocking in this dopey tale.

Best Lines:

“Maybe he's just a moron.”

“How else do you explain his apparent unfamiliarity with history, geography, even the English language as it's currently spoken?”

Royal Tiff Yields Face Of Jesus!

England's gone Druid and various characters have whacky hijinks. This was good even if the estranged royal couple are obviously Charles and Diana.

Best Line:

“Whimpering for mercy she knew would not come.”

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