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Star Trek Discovery 2x08+Batman 1x17-1x20+Star Trek 2x13+Traitors 1x03 Reviewed 😍❤💕💖🌹💋💋

If Memory Serves

This opens with clips from 'TOS' that show Pike and Vina on Talos IV. Menawhile the Emperor is taking over Section 31. This period of Spock's life was never mentioned again. Michael and Spock slap fight. The doctor who can't act and blondie hang out. The doctor who can't act has strange silent malaise and existential misery. Ash Tyler broods. Saru bores.

There is compromise and confrontation and moral complicity. Spock and Michael arrive on a very blue Talos IV. Michael is not entirely rational. The Talos IV lot equip their fake woman Vina with waxed oiled legs, a minidress and stripper heels. Pike and Spock's first visit to Talos IV has already happened. This has a lack of immediate appeal and is not creepy awesome.

Everything is all about Michael. There are flashbacks and Vulcan's Forge shouldn't have forests. Who are the attackers that will blow up planets in the future? A cloud of suspicion hangs around Ash. The doctor who can't act screeches and has anmity and an outpouring of rage. Pike calls into question Ash's loyalties. Pike has a harsh response and icy stares.

Saru bores. Punishable offences take place. Poor Ash has had a reputational dip. Michael is defiant. I'm tired of Ash facing enormous vitriol and abuse. Spock is tired of Michael making it all about her all the time. Spock spews justifable criticism. Who is the existential threat? I don't care about the shadow over the doctor who can't act and blondie that has darkened dramatically.

An actress from '12 Monkeys' guest stars. Michael is absolutely committed to being annoying. I don't care about her and Spock's upsetting history. Poor Ash is a pariah now and it seems to stay that way. Vina (Melissa George of 'Alias') seems terrified of making the Talos IV creeps angry. There is a sense of hopelessness. Ash and the doctor who can't act fist fight.

How far does the telepathtic power of the Talos IV lot go? Spock didn't commit any murders. How does Section 31 have Terran tech? The doctor who can't act dumps Paul. Ash is regularly maligned. Pike's unreasonable. The Emperor gloats that she blew up the MU Talos IV. Discovery goes on the run. This was goodish.

Best Lines:

“Logical motivation.”

“Not entirely disinterested.”

“Committted yet another act of mutiny.”

“Answering many many questions.”


“Captain Pike never left.”

“We will converse in the ancient way.”

“The defining experience.”

“Survive another way.”

“Disengage him from logic.”

“Changed your fate.”

“How is it I can remember tomorrow?”

“What's normal about this?”

“Humans wih klingons grafted to their bones.”

“As real as it needs to be.”

“Escape what awaits us.”

“You will always be cold and distant, like a moon.”

“All sentient life in our galaxy has been eradicated.”

True Or False Face

I can recall watching this show on a relative's ancient black and white tv. Which was so old it had no remote and the channel showing it could only be viewed by continually twisting and pushing one knob. False Face shows up and never appeared again apparently his mask scared kids.

False Face has an exploding fake beard. Burt Ward is short. Bruce tells Aunt Harriet that he's off to the woods with Dick to see nature in the raw. No comment. Robin perches on a table. There is an evil midget. False Face pretends to be O'Hara. Nobody notices. The duo are tied to subway tracks with saran wrap in this medicore ep. There's only 1 train coming on the track Batman is on. Robin should be fine. This lacks merit.

Best Lines:

“Come come Dick.”

“You'll regret this, eventually!”

“The champion of justice and his youthful associate.”

“Only a criminal would disguise himself as a licensed bonded guard yet callously park in front of a fire hydrant!”

Rat Race

Alfred listens to The Cultural Hour. There is narrative anarchy that is wholly inadequate. Robin has complete negation of his personality and mind numbing servility to Batman.

Best Lines:

“Loot sacks out!”

“Keep house for my poor but honest brother.”

The Purr-Fect Crime

The batphone isn't hooked up to anything. Bruce makes Dick play 3D chess and do Latin crossword puzzles. Does Dick not go to school anymore? Catwoman strikes. There is a kitten. The bat seat belts debut. Catwoman (Julie Newmar) is a malefactor. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Evil afoot!”

“You can brush my pussy willows before you leave.”

Better Luck Next Time

Robin is in peril. The criminal element in Gotham City are inexhaustible. Batman has renown. Catwoman is pernicious. Robin has unstinting belief in the man who places him in danger every night. The non-friendly Catoman is endlessly fiendish. Catwoman beguiles. Batman has lofty rhetoric.

Best Lines:

“Willed his treasure to the underprivileged children of Gotham City!”

“Catwoman! You are not a nice person!”

The Deadly Years

Boredom is thick on the air in this terrible ep. What's a solar year? A life threatening condition affects an outpost and then the ship. This was ill-considered. Kirk's extremely hostile. Vitriolic abuse is hurled. Romulans attack and an unthankful commodore annoys. A woman whines. Kirk has no ingratiating charm. This was not commendable.

There is bad old age makeup. Kirk gets old as do Spock, Scotty and McCoy. Kirk's reputation wanes. Cue demoralisation. Kirk gets dementia and is greviously offended when people point this out. Of course in real life, Shatner outlived his former co-stars who played Scotty, McCoy and Spock.

This ep was utterly hopeless and pretty dire. I've no concern for Kirk's bad decisions and perosnal frustrations. Kirk faces damning criticism. This was done with seriousness. Scorn is poured. Kirk has a chronic and worsening condition which is promptly cured so he can shout at the inept commodore. There are dark mutterings and tragic cirumstances.

Best Lines:

“Our Federation.”

“I resist that suggestion.”

“The Romulans do not take captives.”

Traitors 1x03

Feef bores. There are unworthy thoughts. There is a reveal. People have unappealing qualities and dodgy cirumstances. There is baffling opacity and an unappealing cast of characters. This was not furiously brilliant.

Best Lines:

“Never let him out.”

“If she marries him.”

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