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Movie Reviews: No Escape+The Boss Baby+La La Land +Burying The Ex +Prevenge

No Escape (2015)

Owen Wilson and Lake Bell of 'Surface' star in this idiot movie. Foreigners with unpleasant attiudes meance ugly Americans. This is a preposterous tale of outsiders, insularism and a divided society. This isn't a subtle creation. Seemingly insignificant moments are ignored by arrogant Ameircan wankers. This was tedious vacuity.

The vicious present sees a supposedly idyllic country steeped in prejudice for anyone who doesn't belong there. A mob look for a fight as discord, eventually, kicks off. This was relentlessly grim, Wilson's stupid wife and kids whine, there is no momentum and information is tangled but witheld. This was admirably fierce.

Belligerent locals have malignity and yanks are arrogant egotistical monsters. Wilson throws his screaming kids from one building to another. There is no moral sensibility or moral responsbility in this unwatchable mess.

Best Lines:

“Hold the roof.”

“British CIA.”

The Boss Baby (2017)

A boy is psychotically jealous of his baby brother (voiced by Alec Baldwin). This cartoon is intellectual nullity, which can be safely ignored.

Best Lines:



La La Land (2016)

This is trite maddening mundaness.

Burying The Ex (2014)

Anton Yelchin stars in this terrible movie. He runs around the graveyard he would be buried in. This was resoundingly awful and there is mindboggling acceptance of cheating, abuse and misygony. A man (Yelchin) treats his girlfriend as a controlling shrew and hangs out with his vile awful half brother. He plans to cheat and his girlfriend dies because of him. He moves on fast with a skank who has no shame. People fawn over the man for no rational reaosn. The girlfriend (who was not his ex) returns as a zombie. The man, his skank and the half brother plan to get rid of the girlfriend. There is no atmosphere of meance. This was horribly sexist and the dead girlfriend was never listened to or or considered.

Best Line:

“You are my problem skank!”

Prevenge (2016)

A woman kills people and has irredeemability in this terrible UK horror. There is no airtight logic in this tale of perpetual rage. There is no human decency in this undramatic mess that is not sad or sinister. It's just downright absurd and not trauma inducing.

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