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Book Reviews: Space Inc+Alien Pregnant By Elvis part 2+Bright We Burn+The Case For Jamie 😉😆😁

Space Inc. Edited by Julie E. Czerneda

This 2003 DAW anthology is dated and sexist and wretchedly boring.

Best Line:

“When colicky or teething, they can be used as scarecrows, particularly good howlers can keep a dozen acres clear of vermin.”

Alien Pregnant By Elvis edited by Esther M. Friesner and Martin H. Greenberg, part 2

My Husband Became A Zombie And It Saved Our Marriage

This was not formidably effective.

Rock Band Conjures Satan As Manager – Group Claims “Good Business Move”

Wasn't the satanic panic over by this point? There are dumb life decisions which cannot justify this story's existence.

2,437 UFOS Over New Hampshire

Remember when UFOs/alien abduction were a cultural obsession? This is a memorable tale of a town obsessed with that concept. It was founded and designed to defend its inhabitants against such things. This has some harrowing parts.

This is a town full of alien abductees and the town was built to be a fortress. The theory that alien abduction memories are to do with sexual abuse memories is not addressed. Who is Number One? There are dated references. The author hints that the town is full of unreflective nutters deeply resistant to sense. What is the truth? Who knows.

Best Lines:

“When this town goes to sleep, it does so with both eye open.”

“If racoons are going through his garbage cans, they're aliens.”

“Two attack-trained German shepherds.”

“Undisgusied suspicion.”

“Wary and hostile.”

“Living the vegetarian, easy-vibes lifestyle of an unreformed hippie entrepreneur.”

“Spock patrol.”

“Her spouse wrote her off as hopelessly deranged when she began talking about aliens from space kidnapping her.”

Pulitzer Kills Publishing Maggot

This goes past the unplumbed depths of suck.

Best Line:


Elvis At The White House

A sexist tale about Elvis' ghost and how it impacts peoples decision making skills. This was not enjoyably uncomplicated.

The Number Of The Beast

What's a transom or a laser magazine? This was a dated rant about bar codes with no mournful conclusion.

De Gustibus...

A good tale of creepy Wall Street types.

Is Your Coworker A Space Alien?

What's a silica glass? This is a tale of aliens living without trouble. Or something. This is rather confected.

Best Line:

“Familiarity had bred inertia.”

A Break For Trends

A tale of a smart parrot, people are unconcerned, this was sad.

Bright We Burn by Kiersten White

The final book in a trilogy sees the heroine's useless idiot brother Radu , act as her ideological adversary whilst whining about and obsessing over an impossible love. Radu is utterly pathetic meanwhile Lada has dark instincts and personal frustrations. There is shifty mainipulation and ambitions for personal power. This was not substantive. Radu is insincere and intolerable. Lada does unquiely heinous things with evil glee and evokes Radu's condemnation. Radu is cynical and callous and into coercion. I felt only ridicule for it.

The Case For Jamie by Brittany Cavallaro

This latest entry in the 'Charlotte Holmes' series is ridiclious. Holmes is a garbage human, Watson is a doormat, teenagers are meanced and people react in ridiclious ways. Holmes is abrasive, strident and irrational and does practiced mainipulation. This was a blithe affront that is not a contribution to intellectual and cultural life.

Best Lines:

“Unearned trust.”

“Time passed, as time tends to do.”

“Please-please-like-me voice.”

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