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Durrells3x03&3x04+Supergirl4x10+Babylon 5 4x06&4x12+Charmed 1x09+Black Mirror 3x03+Batman 1x11-1x14

The Durrells 3x03

Larry is selfish and Leslie joins the police. Larry and his useless mother are in the UK. Gerry tries to save donkeys. Leslie is a lifelong failure. This was not aspirational. Nobody acts like it is the 1930s. This was rudimentary. There is a joking reference to the mother's alcholism. This show consistenly refuses to be good.

Nobody has dignity and rectitude. Gerry is the hope of the clan. This is a chaotic litany of sheer unpleasantness. Larry is capriciously demanding. TPTB ignore how his own daughter accused him of abuse which people laughed at even though she killed herself. There are poor lifestyle behaviours. This is all wild inaccuracy. The mother steals a necklace. This does not leave you enraptured. Leslie engages in reckless gun usage.

Best Lines:

“Some people deserve to be cared for.”

“Doss house.”

“Greek peasant.”

“Love your ass!”

The Durrells 3x04

The mother talks up Leslie being born in India. ALL her children were born in India! The mother wants Gerry to be educated. His probable dyslexia is ignored. This was onerous. Leslie continues to allow his babymama to be shamed. Larry sails a boat. This was racist as Larry gets lost at sea. Gerry gets a sloth. The Durrells commanded lower status in Corfu than this inherently untrustworthy show depicts. What about the long running rift between Leslie and his family?”

Best Lines:

“Find you a nicer gutter.”

“Smells of fear and sick!”

“Will I bollocks!”

“Posing in your blouse.”

“A baby nobody wants.”

Secrets And Lies

No-one has noticed bizarro Supergirl? Kara has a detached and transactional 'friendship' with Lena – though naturally she doesn't see it that way. Kara is the calculating figure full of moral hysteria. She ignores the power inequality.

Kara ignores orders cos she has superpowers and can do what she likes. Brainy bores. Kara has a negative effect and is troublesome. She's done something bad. Alex whines and has distain. Alex tells DEO agents to lie to their boss. Alex and Kara's selfishness and stupidity has terrible consequences. They're profoundly dangeorus.

Where is Max Lord? Things get much much worse. Why do people have deference to Kara? Where is the mad murderer Manchester Black? Alex and Kara have bad moral behaviour and this ep causes frustration and anger. People talk in stupid voices. Sense is disregarded. This was unimpressive and there are bizarre line readings and Kara whines.

This has tonal simplicity. Alex isn't prepared to contemplate sense; she thinks she's a virtuous thinker. Kara has abject distain for sense and belittles sense. This was wretched and Kara and Alex have judgmental conversations. This was a fiasco. Alex attacks her boss and wakes fake Hank to mindrape her boss and other people. All to keep Kara's identity secret. FFS. NOBODY has issue with this.

The darker elements are ignored. Alex has fake Hank make her forget Kara is Supergirl. Oh joy, a return of 1x01 Alex. Nobody thinks this merits criticism. This is a fateful deciison. It's profoundly worrying what a fascist obscene joke Kara's become. Never once does Kara consider NOT lying. She's light on insight and this corrodes faith.

Best Lines:

“Trauma as a method of discipline and obedience.”

“She has no morality!”

Into The Fire

Footage from the Hubble Space Telescope is seen outside the windows of the White Star. Why does it have windows? Ivanova whines. Lorien is useless. Why does Lorien have a tiara? Why is Sheridan in charge of everything and why is he exalted? Lyta and Marcus lurk. One feels a dramatic decline in interest. Where did Lorien's race go?

There is endless talking. What is beyond the rim? Nobody asks this. This was absolute nonsense. Londo learns how Adira died and is thankless. Londo and Vir cheer over Morden's downfall and ignore Morden's correct prediction of the coming ruin of Centauri Prime. Londo has a pity party and he doesn't regret anything he did. Londo has a storm of outrage.

Ivanova has crazy assertiveness. The very tan and hair gel sporting Morden was always calm, collected and defiant. Until he is last seen yelling and screaming and getting his hair messy. How did the Centauri see and kill Morden's watchers? Morden seemed sad his watchers were killed. There is no moral clarity. Londo blows up an island and there is bad acting.

This was a failure. Sheridan is an axe crazy raving lunatic. There is a bizarre and too long scene where there is a woman in an ice cube and lookalikes babbling bad dialgue. This was a ghastly non-event. There is ageism and I HATED this. The Shadow war ends in a non-event.

Best Lines:

“Haul ass.”

“Star Liner.”

“They knew what was being asked of them.”


Conflicts Of Interest

Sheridan is a petty ass to Garibaldi. Ivanova goes on about broadband. Sheridan is purposely aggravating Garibaldi into a violent response. Garibaldi gets involved with shady people. Ivanova is annoying and stupid yet everyone talks about her like she is the second coming. Does nobody on Earth wonder where Sinclair vanished to?

There is idiot comedy. Lise returns and wails about her evil first husband. Why doesn't her rich as god second husband help reverse the unfair custody ruling her first husband got? Shadow allies are running around setting up the failed spinoff 'Crusade'. Garibaldi stumbles into the plot to commit genocide against telepaths. This was okay. Ivanova does nothing of note and Sheridan with his White Star fleet sets himself up as a tin pot dictator and NOBODY has issue with this.

Best Line:

“Their legacy remains.”

Jingle Hell

It is Christmas and Hunter and Parker murder people and get busted as dmeons by the bimbo bints. Parker's mother is evil. Parker is to be The Source. Parker's damned to a life inescapbale and inconsolable. Nobody has critical introspection. There is an incoherent fight and questions and Parker wails. A cliffhanger sees Harry and Hunter end up in the underworld. Oh boo hoo.

Shut Up And Dance

A nerd is not particularly liked after doing something online. He's subjected to true viciousness and has to rob a bank and do things. There is a twist but I didn't care.

A Riddle A Day Keeps The Riddler Away

Dick wears a hideous green jumper and a tie. Batman and Robin invite attention and sometimes hostility. One watches this boredom with incredulity. A King stares in disbelief at thederanged Riddler. This is not satisfyingly plausible.

Best Lines:

“What room can no one enter?”

“A mushroom!”

“Suprise attack style.”

“You lackey.”

When The Rat's Away The Mice Will Play

The Riddler can be truly terrifying and spiteful. Jim Carrey ripped off this take on the character wholesale. Bruce seems to wear lipgloss and Dick is VERY intense. He's pure determination. There is a HIDEOUS Batman and Robin painting. Riddler cracks up when foiled. Mmm.

Best Line:

“Now we're going to deactivate you!”

The Thirteenth Hat

The Mad Hatter lurks – not as bad as the irritating one on 'Gotham'. How was Batman a witness at the Mad Hatter's last trial when he won't reveal his legal name on record? Aunt Harriet bumbles. Mad Hatter's former jury is in peril. Batman and Robin are in peril. This was daft. I do not commend the makers of this ep.

Best Lines:

“Few men die of threats.”

“That human scourge.”

Batman Stands Pat

Robin's tied to a plaster horse and his hair is messed up. I've an increidbly negative opinion of this ep. Robin is in peril again. Batman kicks the Mad Hatter into a chemical stew for choking Robin. This bored.

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