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Movie Reviews: The Lost Future+Hunt For The Wilderpeople+Fighting With My Family+ 2 others 😢

The Lost Future (2010)

Sean Bean stars in this bizarre boring tale of post-apoc cavemen taking on mutant zombies or something.

Hunt For The Wilderpeople (2016)

Sam Neill stars in this tale of a New Zealand foster kid dumped with a couple who live in the remote woods. The foster mother promptly dies and the foster dad and kid end up in the bush on the run. There are irreversible moments and a selfishly conniving social worker. The foster dad has pathetically repressed inarticulacy.

People are irredeemably horrible and they are no models of charm. The duo keep running into particularly awful people in this totally unconvinving medicore mess.

Best Lines:

“Kicking stuff.”

“I hate you heaps. Please die soon. In pain.”

“Double gangster.”

“Go back.”

“To what?”

“Freaky kid.”

“Did you shank anyone?”

Fighting With My Family (2019)

This is a bio-pic of pro-wrestler Paige who came from a working class family in Norwich. She made it to the top of the business. This has snigger potential but is warm hearted and funny. It's a time of change and discord for Paige as she passes an audition to the big time but her brother fails. As Paige trains for the big time, things get bad and they get bad often. But her inherent resolve sees her through. This was medicore and Paige's brother is bitter from his unfulfilled ambitons. Yet Paige's brother managed to train a blind teenager to be a pro-wrestler, this part is still true. Paige makes her triumphant debut in the big time but the film ends before her career ending injury.

Finding Neverland (2019)

Stage mothers, uncomfortable viewing, lies admitted and no guilt about lies, disbelief and this was disturbing.

Best Line:

“Not being believed by so many people.”

Extraterrestrial (2014)

Idiots put being annoying above everything. There is oafish behaviour and Michael ironside. Rescue doesn't seem to be coming in this banal movie which is full of histrionic overdramatisation. The characters are idle people with empty minds and they are layabouts who do craven posturing. This is not taut with tension as aliens crash land.

This was from the 'Grave Encounters' TPTB. It was relentlessly bad with no rising tension as the tools realise that they are dealing with something beyond the remit of the their rational framework. The aliens have homocidal tendencies and this was taste-free and unnecessary. There is no sheer desperation.

Best Lines:

“I'm an idiot.”

“I'm glad you're aware of it.”


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