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Book Reviews: Awakened + Alien Pregnant By Elvis, part 1 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

Awakened by James S. Murray with Darren Wearmouth

Below is where darkness lives. This rubbish took 13 years to be published, shame it ever was. A new subway opens and monsters attack. This wasn't dark or unsettling or excellently nuanced. Various dreadful sociopathic brats run around. A secret conspiracy moulds society. Monsters smiteth people.

The POTUS (not 45) needs to make doomsday contigency plans. There are dire contingencies and aggressive language. People are treated with contempt and violence and do horrific things. There are evil actions and raw fury and men with cold cold hearts and useless women.

There are violent altercations, a malevolent baddie and a sequel hook. This was not desperately tense. There is no dangerous meance and baddies take malicious relish in endless cruelties. There is stiflying malevolence and no people of common sense. This was badly written, laughably plottted and not a serious contribution to knowledge.

This was low on tension. There is callousness and an impending catastrophe. This was ridiclious and doesn't have an original idea in it. There are pitiless people and rabid paranoia and this was incessantly boring and incompetent. Matthew Reilly and Preston & Child and Warren Fahy are better writers than this duo. This reviled crap is a grim indicator of the downfall of the US publishing industry.

Best Lines:

“Forget about explosives blowing out the windows. It looks like the passengers were thrown through them.”

“Unfortunately he'll live.”

“It's always the damned Nazis.”

Alien Pregnant By Elvis edited by Esther M. Friesner and Martin H. Greenberg, part 1

This 1994 anthology centres on tabloid tales.


This is incoherent.

The Source Of It All

This is a blatant 'Eerie, Indiana' knockoff.

Best Line:

“Lure paths.”

The Bride Of Bigfoot

Bigfoot, Elvis and UFOS. One needs endless pateince to get through this.

Close-Up Photos Reveal JFK Skull On Moon!

There are negative outcomes and dreams shattered and strange misfortunes in this incapable tale.

Marilyn, Elvis, And The Reality Bites

Faux disbelief causes aggravation.

Those Rowdy Royals


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