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Trailer fun time, mostly

Eastwick promo
It looks like ‘Charmed’ gone cougar mushed up with ‘Desperate Housewives’. And Paul Gross as satan?!? I don’t see this lasting.

2012 trailer
This looks like a rip off of the Stephen Baxter novels ‘Flood’ and ‘Ark’. The Vatican and the ‘roof of the world’ are flooded? Governments build life boats? Why is the volume so loud on this trailer? I might go see this. An air craft carrier called the John F Kennedy smashes into the White House? Ohhh subtle, real subtle.

Watchmen Directors’ Cut Scene – Nite Owl II finds out Nite Owl I is dead
Now that was intense. Great rage from Nite Owl II. Why was this cut out of the film? Plus Rorschach called Nite Owl II by his real name in front of the guy whose teeth he’d just punched out.

Stargate Universe trailer
It’s geek wish fulfilment isn’t it? Nerd beamed up onto a space ship to save the day plus sweaty space coupling? My urge to watch this show lowers with each trailer TPTB show.
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