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Book Review: Daughters Of The Winter Queen

Daughters Of The Winter Queen: Four Remarkable Sisters And The Enduring Legacy Of Mary, Queen Of Scots by Nancy Goldstone

This good historical biography should be titled Children Of The Winter Queen. Elizabeth Stuart was the daughter of James I and granddaughter of Mary Queen Of Scots. As such she was married off as a teenager to Frederick V. They would have a bushel of children and they and their children would be involved in the Thirty Years War, the English Civil War and the Restoration.

One daughter would communicate with Descartes, Louis XIV would have an ill-effect on them and their lands and the War Of The Spanish Succession would affect them as would the Wars Of Religion. There would be succession fights, sex scandals, unloved wives, shameless mistresses, bastards, battles, family squabbles, sickness, ill-chosen lovers, death, marriages, babies, more death and the Glorious Revolution would change the family's fortunes.

Elizabeth Stuart was ill-treated by her father and by her brother Charles I. Yet Elizabeth's youngest daughter secured the British throne for her family after the death of Queen Anne. That line continues unbroken to this day. This was a good remarkable story. There is one noted flaw in this book, a portrait is said to be Anna de Gonzaga but it is actually Princess Elizabeth.

Best Lines:

“Expressed himself in a destructive way.”

“Loyal to the end.”

“Inciting violence in the streets.”

“Peculiar governing methods.”

“A man unworthy to come near his person, or into the society of any good men,”

“Moral conduct.”

“Brought his new wife to live in the family castle before the old one had been induced to vacate it.”

“Wreckage of her family's reputation.”

“Daily embittered him more and more against us.”

“How dearly it costs me to love you.”

“Attribute all my misfortunes.”

“The Dutch had been forced to flood their own cities as a last resort against invasion.”

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