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Movie Reviews: Unabomber +Tipping Point +The Neon Demon +A Death In Canaan + Bound

Unabomber: The True Story (1996)

Dean Stockwell, Tobin Bell and Robert Hays star in this true crime tv movie. Fake awful people overact. Hays figures out his brother (Bell and his bad wig) is the unabomber and so Bell is arrested by Stockwell. There is bad hair and skeezer goblins and sheer shamelessness. This was mmmm.

Best Lines:

“Loaded and pretentious language.”

“Carefully! Very carefully!”

“He doesn't like other people.”

“Sure you've got a big enough lock?”

Tipping Point (2007)

This was neither emotionally subtle nor hugely original.

The Neon Demon (2016)

A model is in LA. Desmond Harrington plays a creepy photographer who paints her gold. This was so damn extra and has no effective function.

Best Lines:

“You're a dangeorus girl.”

“You're so irrelevant.”

A Death In Canaan (1978)

A true story tv movie about a murder that remains unsolved to this day. A white trash woman dies and her son is suspected but the community rallies to defend him. The police see the son acting oddly yet people say him being charged is a miscarriage of justice?!? FFS! The dead woman said her son was fathered by someone who assaulted her, people mock this claim. People whine about civil liberties and ignore the obvious fact that Peter brutally murdered his mother. There is racism and the gruesome details of the murder are toned down. Peter is convicted. There is exposition. Peter is released and stares with dispassion. He did it. This was medicore, he DID it.

Best Lines:

“What's the Miranda decision?”

“Hippy bum.”

“Morally wrong.”

“What did all that mean?”

Bound (1996)

Noir thriller starring Jennifer Tilly as a gangster's moll who hooks up with ex-con Gina Gershon to steal $2 million dollars from her thicko gangster boyfriend. Things get violent and bloody fast. This was okay.

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