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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Issue 28 review

Retreat Part 3

Buffy’s decided that her slayer army must give up their magic and their slayer powers. As she wills it so must it be. But not everyone is happy about this. Willow has jealously issues over Oz being happy and having a kid. Xander gets it on with Dawn. And Andrew is show horned into every nook and cranny of this comic.

I’m sick of everyone being selfish. I’m sick of Andrew. This issue ends on a cliff hanger. Buffy never learns does she? Even after the First Evil, Warren, Glory, Adam, the Mayor and the Master – she always waits until the last moment to take action. Twilight’s coming for the slayers. I wasn’t too fond of this issue. Twilight is an intriguing villain but why haven’t the gang done anything about him/her/it before now?
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