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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

HBO 2019 promo
‘Chernobyl’, ‘Watchmen’, ‘Big Little Lies’ and Jon Snow.

Best Lines:
“Tried to be a better human being.”

“Never occurred on this planet.”

‘Shadowhunters’ season 3 trailer
Jonathan, that stupid warlock, fighting, Alec and will Simon just DIE already? There is a wedding, glowing, monsters and nobody withdraws from the violence.

Honest Trailers: ‘A Star Is Born’
Growl-off. The Diceman for a dad.

Recall Esso tiger tails?

‘Arrow’ = Walmart Batman.

Recall fruit roll ups?

The old ‘A Woman Of Substance’ miniseries was boring, like the book.

Best Lines:
“How disgusting you are.”

“Miss bossy knickers.”

“Her family doesn’t love her.”

Tales From The Darkside’ Quote:
“I’m not with some cheap floozy!”

‘RT’ Quotes:
“That makes it bad!”

“Faced hostility.”

‘American Housewife’ Quotes:
“That cannot be learned by watching Kevin Costner movies.”

“Play with my zebra.”

“I was there when the paramedics had to hold her down and administer a sedative.”

“Once a month supervised visitation day with my kid.”

“New name on my hate list.”

“I can’t wait to laugh at you.”

“Let people hunt Greg in the woods ‘Most Dangerous Game’ style.”

“A couple of poors.”

“Stop using words that haven’t been invented yet!”

“You learned it to me!”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Reading was exhausting. Talking to people was exhausting. Television was exhausting.”

“Most of her friends fell away.”

“Chatting about things I hadn’t been a part of.”

“Couldn’t not try.”

“You can within limits, live your life.”

“Quickly degraded by the body’s harsh digestive system.”

“Turns all her attention to.”

“Withdrawal from family life, frustration, conflict.”

“Talk more negatively about and to them.”

“Struggling socially.”

“Physically excluding.”

“No going back to the way things were.”

“Potential exchange-value.”

“Resolution of disapproval.”

“Fostering social unrest.”

“Void unit.”

“Government in waiting.”

“Will never say sorry.”

“Two United States and that they don’t much like one another.”

“Nasty encounters.”


“Dismissive, condescending remarks.”

“Increasingly irrational.”

“Afraid of provoking him.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“My mom can do horrible things.”

“Giving them the wrong word.”

“Threw a used female product at them.”

“Lower life satisfaction.”

“I just don’t care about that.”

‘This Time With Alan Partridge’ Quote:
“Bedroom based do-badders.”

‘Teen Titans Go!’ Quote:
“The dance of the pee pee!”

‘Forsaking All Others’ Quotes:
“Money, power and beautiful young women are still the standard male rewards.”

“Purse phone.”

“Marry us, complete us.”

“Shopping was the main recreation.”

“Part of that deal was that she would have to adore him and approve of everything he did.”

“Locked out of her own family.”

“Low-class friends.”

“Out of the family that she had spent her whole life building.”

‘Warren’ Quotes:
“I got called a tosser.”
Oh no, not again.”

“Let’s hope it kills him: we could do with the money.”

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