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Movie Review: And The Beat Goes On: The Sonny And Cher Story (1999)

This is a silly bio-pic based on the icons of the hippie counterculture movement. They didn’t change pop culture, they defined it. Sonny Bono delivers meat and gets into the music industry and meets Little Richard and Phil Spector and Cher. He and Cher become an act. There is obvious miming to vocal doubles and hideous clothes.

Sonny is gender policed and they’re disapproved of. Sonny is controlling and thoroughly unpleasant. Sonny says Cher can’t act and Cher says she hates Vegas, oh irony! David Geffen shows up. Cher has a baby. The couple do their wildly popular TV show. Cher wants out and this bio-pic blames her for the divorce.

Sonny’s second wife Mary just appears. Sonny still has a laundry list of character defects. This was brilliantly ill-advised and there is bad ADR and a reunion on David Letterman. There are clips of the real Sonny Bono and his funeral at the end.

Best Lines:
“What the hell is that in there?!?”
“This name is Sonny.”

“We are garbage! Look at us!”

“I’m not doing Vegas.”

“No more dreams.”

“Cher, smile.”

“I’m not even friendly with my husband.”
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