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Movie Reviews: Deadly Lessons (2017) + Killer Joe

Deadly Lessons (2017)

This isn't the 1983 tv movie this is the 2017 tv movie in which a staggeringly inept student drops out of college to marry her teacher. She is estranged from her family and ditches her friends to run off with the teacher. A lurker hides out around their little house. The teacher has secrets. He's a crafty mainipulator who puts his hands on the bimbo. This was unimportant. There is bad acting as the bimbo is abused and is too dumb to notice. Christina Cox of 'Blood Ties' plays a cop who can smell a wrong un. The teacher's nice guy act falls away fast when he threatens to beat her, points out she has no money and no support and nowhere to go and demands sex. She's crying and in fear of him and he threatens to murder her. So she murders him first. This was RUBBISH.

Best Lines:

“Likes to date his students and then marry them.”


“Nosey little bitches that can't trust and love me.”

“I'll put you in the lake.”

Killer Joe (2011)

White trash rednecks have drama. Stupid people plan to kill their mother/ex-wife for her life insurance and hire a cop/hitman to do the job. This was done with complete seriousness. This was ridicliously pretentious and overwrought. A sister is put up as a retainer for the hitman. There is creepy sex, nudity and violence and really stupid people. Things go wrong and Killer Joe gets NASTY with a chicken leg. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Put your pants on, I need to talk to you about something.”

“I need pants for that?”

“He's a killer. He kills people.”

“Don't look at me like that.”

“Whose dick is that?”

“Is that your dick?”

“Stay down. Stay down.”

"Grab my ass!"

"Please moan."

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