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Babylon 5 4x05 + Curfew (2019-?) 1x01 Reviewed

The Long Night

The quality goes from bad to dire. The slightly dim Vir plots with Londo plots to get rid of the Emperor. Byran Cranston guest stars. The First Ones are sought. Ivanova talks about her DEEEAAADDDD mother. I feel scorn for her. TPTB try for devastatingly bleak. This was made with limited talent. There is no emotional warmth just grandiose platitudes. Vir kills the Emperor.

Londo is a cold hearted schemer. There is ostentatious solemnity. Odious creep Sheridan and Delenn are awful power mad voids. This was blandness. There are no dramatic possibilities and no hope or possibility. The repellent Sheridan has no inner life. He and Delenn are monomaniacs suffused with an overwhelming sense of their own rightousness. I took no interest in this.

Sheridan is less articulate and intelligent than Sinclair. This was unremittingly negative. Sheridan is joyless, limited and dogmatic overbearing narcissist. This was all flimsiness. Sheridan does not lead a well-intentioned organisation. There are no substantive complexities. This was not done with monumental effort. The Vorlons commit abominable crimes and this was an absolute disaster.

Best Line:

“What was any of it for?”

Curfew (2019-?) 1x01

This Sky1 drama stars Sean Bean, Billy Zane and Miranda Richardson and dead star walking Adrian Lester. It's set in a future UK where people plan to join an illegal car race to a mysterious island of freedom. Also there is a curfew and a mysterious illness. This was crap and achieves nothing.

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