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Quotes & Stuff

Made fondue - I think I put too much cornflower in it. It was still good.
Dark chocolate with chilli and pink peppercorn - yum.

I’d try black garlic vinegar.

I want a silk skirt.

There is a folding smartphone?

I have a swan bowl.

Presque ne compete pas.

Who saw ‘Swing Vote’, ‘Super Size Me’, ’Wishcraft’, ’The Tall Guy’ or ‘The Deal’?

‘Arrow’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ to end! YAY!

There’s maple vinegar?

Dr Phil’ Quote:
“Even passed out in the bathroom sink.”

“Get out of the sink and go to bed.”

“Got in an Uber and disappeared.”

“I’m banned from CostCo.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Build-up of anger at their nonchalant response.”

“Very villainous cactus.”

“Retreat from public life.”

“I burnt the potatoes, and the kids said I’d ruined dinner, and then I was crying and they said I’d ruined Christmas. It does get me down.”

“I don’t know what my hopes and dreams were when I left school, but I didn’t expect this.”

“In full knowledge of what that meant.”

“Don’t want to be ingratiated upon.”

“Less than wholly penitent-”

“Cocktail of Lynx and expectation.”

“Storage media.”

“Bikes were hurled at delivery workers.”

“Toad racing and crab harpooning.”

“His mullet straight from Neighbours circa 1986.”

“They know how to do cold.”

“Their image is a commodity to be measured, and found wanting and improved upon,”

“Hideous comments.”


“Shaped her self-worth.”

“He who shapes the story (and it is so often a he).”

“France of the forgotten.”

“Takes chaos everywhere he goes.”

“Greeted with the most disbelief, harshest judgement.”

“Somehow difficult, dysfunctional and aberrant.”

“Breathless reporting.”

“A long-defunct brand few knew then, and almost nobody knows now.”

“Felt isolated and ignored.”

“Anti-nostalgic and unsentimental.”

“Talks one of his step kids into getting a job at the local garden centre, just so he can get a discount on pond liner.”

“Self-generated gossip.”

“Italian hustler,”

“Ethos of the nation.”

“Local dodgy characters.”

“Wasn’t as welcome.”

“Leftover conflicts.”

“Unlikely to seek a negotiated solution.”

“Record of rejecting any type of co-operation.”

“Treat me as a liar, turn their backs.”

“Cede control and than his will was mine.”

“Cast shame.”

“Infinite hate, a spitefulness.”

Sanity-bending implications.”

“Adversarial destiny.”

“Complete rupture with the family.”

“A complete disintegration of family relations.”

“Years of banishment by his local community following a reckless choice he made in anger.”

‘Great British Railway Journeys’ Quote:
“Hum of little lives unseen.”

‘Nationwide’ Quote:
“Literally cut their way in.”

‘RT’ Quotes:
“Interesting admission.”

“Not liked.”

“Parallel government structures.”

‘Channel 4 News’ Quotes:
“Lack of emotional care.”

“Special Action Force.”

“Reputation as killers.”

“Victims whose families dare not claim them.”

“Show their dissatisfaction.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“Unsuspecting outsiders.”

‘Seaquest 2032’ Quotes:
“Dare not move in on them.”

“Spectre demon.”

“Free zone.”

“Semblance of commerce.”

“Make your point.”

“These people represent a horror you can’t even begin to understand.”

“We’ll take them with us.”

‘Murder She Wrote’ Quotes:
“Knew the right people.”

“He was my asset!”

‘Aertel’ Quote:
“Deliberately not complied with.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Present neither realistic bodies not realistic lives-”

“Class or lack thereof.”

“Fond of bondage sex YouTube tutorials.”

“Martyr syndrome.”
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