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Abused By My Girlfriend + Charmed 1x07 Reviewed

Abused By My Girlfriend (2019)

This BBCIII one-off takes on another true story about a man, Alex, who's girlfriend, Jordan, left him 10 days away from death. Alex seems slow and Jordan seems unemotional and psycho. Alex and Jordan have children! There are mind games. His family cries and police interviews are shown. Abuse is discussed. This was dull. Jordan gets about 8 years.

Best Line:

“Frightened to love him.”

Out Of Scythe

Lord I hate these bitches. A hellquake is mentioned. 2 sisters have phds. Oh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA! The sisters are dumb useless c words. There I said it. This reboot's version of Cole shows up, I think.

Best Lines:

“Live in the shadow of a family legacy.”

“Wine swilling goat boy.”

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