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Book Review: Song Of The Beast

Song Of the Beast by Carol Berg

A famous musician who is the cousin of the King was imprisoned 17 years ago for no reason. Now after being long forgotten, he's escaped. He faces the wrath of his jailers and must run from the worst damnation and the tragedy that can't be undone.

One is increasingly frustrated at this badly written tale of harsh treatment and the appalling consequences of a man who went from the most trusted honours to being coerced and controlled. This should have been good but was profoundly silly.

This was plantive, with a callous King and a lack of objective judgement in this generic and non-seismic tale. There is no soul-wrenching despair or ever lasting damnation in this mess that isn't significant or worthy.

Best Line:

“A boy who has no idea of what he is and what he is capable of doing?”

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