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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Kid Who Would Be King' tv spot

A bubble of delusion.

'Traitors' 1x02 promo


'The Clinton Affair' Quotes:

“Urging Lies.”

“Leaving little impression.”

“Chip away at my integrity.”

“Young tramp.”

“Hopelessly deluded.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Re-enforced terrible behaviour by characterising it as a necessary component of the industry.”

“How low our standards are for acceptable behaviour.”

“The pyschological and financial warfare labels can exert when they want to destory an artist.”

“Terrible managers who are manipulating people.”

“Workers there were totally useless and refused to get involved.”

“One of his last pillars of support.”

“Lost its dignity and its way.”

“Drew accusations of sabotage.”

“Unfashionably loyal to the text.”

“Continued right to exist.”

“Filled with gaps for applause that didn't come,”

“French razor haircut,”

“Mostly refuse to speak to the media to explain its origins or its goals.”

“The media is hated.”

“All had in-house florists,”

“Hospital trade.”

“Sinister development.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“They all conspire to harm me.”

“I don't feel like she's my daughter.”

“You fat whore. Stay fat.”

“At war with my entire family.”

“She burned my baby book and ripped up my baby pictures.”

“Stupid hillbilly.”

“Severe depression and heartache for you.”

“Sucked as a daughter to me.”

“You ingrate.”

“Cut up all of her baby pictures and sent them to her.”

“Refuses to go anywhere she is.”

“The whole family avoids her.”

“Insult to mean people.”

“Watching my house at night.”

“I never owned night vision goggles.”

“Cut the cable wires to the house.”

“Put a stop to that.”

“Yelling at me in the restarant.”

“Almost kicked out her windshield.”

“Her mom ruins everything.”

“Gang up session on me.”

“Hard to invite her to those kind of things.”

“Choose sides within the family.”

“I never got her fired!”

“I don't feel loved by them at all!”

“I don't have any sympathy.”

“Stop that behaviour!”

“I hear lies.”

“Licence to mistreat people.”

“Why do you not like me?”

'Wolf Hall' Quotes:

“The Queen sees enemies everywhere.”

“So she should.”

“Times are disordered.”

'Tales From The Darkside' Quote:

“Greasy hack.”

Monica Lewinsky Quote:

“Very dire.”

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