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United States of Tara Season 1 Ep 1 Review


I've been longing to see this ever since I saw the ad for it. And it was worth the wait, it is a hilarious, bad taste gem. Tara (Toni Collette of 'Muriel's Wedding') a wife and mother of two has multiple personality disorder, this leads to wacky hijinks with her family. The show is better than it sounds, it's just brilliant black comedy with lots of zinging one liners. This was written by Diablo Cody who gave us 'Juno' and the upcoming 'Jennifer's Body'.

In this ep Tara can't deal with her slutty teenage daughter Kate and so turns into another personality named T who is also a slutty teenage loudmouth with such terrible dress sense she could be a cast off from 'Charmed' or 'Charm School'. Tara's son Marshall and husband Max (John Corbett of 'Sex & The City' and 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding') regard all this as perfectly normal. Tara's sister Charmaine thinks she's faking and is hot for Max. Kate is having issues with her noxious boyfriend which prompts yet another of Tara's personalities, this one named Buck to emerge. Buck deals with the "waste of hair product" boyfriend.

This was hilarious, full of great little moments like the quick scene of Buck, Max and Marshall at the gun range doing what Marshall calls "murder practice.".

Best Lines:
"Is anybody home? Marshall? Estonian cleaning lady? Mommy?"

"This is why I love you the best out of all the alters."

"We're gonna buy cheap hot clothes that make us look insecure."

"Why can't mom just be maniac depressive like all the other moms?"

"I did not raise you to let boys who wear pigtails push you around."
"These are Samurai knots."
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