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Movie Reviews: Ungodly Acts+The Case Of The Poisoned Pen+Blood Rage+Maximum Overdrive

Ungodly Acts (2015)

A woman dies and a murder accusation is made. Did a cult leader control his flock to such an extent that one of them murdered his unloved and unwanted wife? This was an okay true story. It was however not genuine or heartfelt.

Best Lines:

“End time preparedness.”

“Prayer furnace to heat up the Second Coming.”

“Isolating his own wife from the group.”


Perry Mason: The Case Of The Poisoned Pen (1990)

David Warner is murdered. There is a trial. This was rubbish with clumsily handled race issues and someone just confesses to the murder. Perry Mason is really annoying.

Best Line:

“Makes his own trouble.”


Blood Rage (1987) aka Slasher aka Nightmare At Shadow Woods aka Complex

This much re-cut, much re-named horror stars Louis Lasser and has synth music, 70s attire, a cameo by Ted Raimi who lurks in a men's room and terribly deeply misleading and wrong things happen. There is nudity and one has an appalled reaction to this dreck.

A boy is framed for murder by his evil twin. 10 years pass and the evil twin has a vested interest in continuing his bad behaviour. There is sensational nastiness by the evil twin. There is no furious debate when the good twin escapes from the loony bin. There is a voiceover, bitterness, anger and unconscionable things happen.

Men wear tiny shorts. There is furious debate and tensions are not ratched up. The evil twin goes choppy-choppy. Is this a parody or not? It is hard to hell. This did not transfix public imagination. This has deep failings. A dude has a vehement reaction to stuff. This was made in 1983 and sat on the shelf for years.

It's Thanksgiving, the evil twin makes cranberry sauce jokes and is hilariously gleefully psychotic. The evil twin kills someone with a meat fork. There is a final twist ending regarding the good twin. This was BAD.

Best Lines:

“Also somewhat negative.”

“Not without worry.”

“My psychotic brother just escaped.”

“Don't worry about the gun.”

“First turned into a wacko.”

“Nature walk through the woods.”

“Want to get high?”

“Insane brother is here.”

“God that's horrible.”

“Ran away from his mental institution.”

“That isn't cranberry sauce.”

Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Based on the Stephen King short story 'Trucks' this stars Emilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, Laura Harringston and Yeardley Smith. There are chastened gasps as machines rebel against humanity due to a comet or something. The effects wear off or something eventually. This was ridiclious and 1980s looking. Society irrevocably changes and machine cause aggravation and social collapse.

Sexism is ignored. There are evil trucks and killer drink machines. A kid baseball player runs. Stuff blows up. There is hysteria. The trucks want the humans to pump gas. What about when the gas runs out? This was terrible. Read 'Trucks' instead.

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