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Star Trek Discovery 2x04 +The Exorcist 2x10 +Babylon 5 3x17 +Sliders 3x02 Reviewed

An Obol For Charon

Number One (as seen in 'TOS') shows up. Pike orders the holographic system ripped out of the Enterprise. Tilly's Thrush gurgles. Tilly's scenes are sheer drudgery. Saru twitches. Where did MULorca's tribble go? Michael is an idiot, she and her ceaseless torment has no dramatic impact. Why is her plotline tragically dominant? Discovery is in peril from a big red thing.

How can they tell how old the thing is? The universal translator acts up. There is a mention of Tau Cetian. There is more unknown risk. Reno is now part of the Discovery crew. Reno mocks the spore drive. There's bad ADR and no redeeming features. This was not resonant. This was not laden with tension. The Thrush monster attacks. Tilly has no meaningful presence.

There is no impending doom. Saru is defensive and dying. There is no dark atmosphere. The annoying git is a brash loutish git. This was not sorrowful or profound. This ep was ill-advised. Saru was granted refugee status by the UFP. Michael does everything. This was disastrous. I don't care about Saru's tragic existence. There is a precipitous encounter. There was interpretive speculation and irrationality. Tilly sings David Bowie.

Tilly gets a drill to the head. There is irresponsibility. What was the red thing? What happened to Tilly? Saru does a dying swan act in his quarters. Weird stuff happens. The network took Tilly. Keep her! Keep her! Rebecca Romijn played Number One.

Best Lines:

“Let us know what you think. We care.”

“I'm uninsultable.”

“I was planning drums for Prince.”


Bad things happen to Bennett. The demon conspiracy and church conspiracy will never be explained. No one notices the chalice under Bennett's hospital bed? Marcus is inordinately boring. There is a grevious situation. I'm so sick of Andy and his pathetic attempts to be bad. He's an abysmal form of humanity. There is shouting. Season 2 has not been as good as season 1. Season 3 is set up but there was no season 3.

This ep does not fuel fear. The demon is coercive. Andy's ridiclious. There is melacholic resignation. Marcus is all macho self-promotion. He's rigid in his conviction. The demon is fundamentally unbeatable. There is inevitable drama. Tomas acts as bait. Marcus is unreceptive to concerns. Tomas nearly gets posessed. Marcus does something that becomes a crack between him and Tomas. Something their relationship would never get the chance to recover from.

Is the bird okay? How did the priests get off the island? Bennett comes out of his coma and goes after a nurse with a MASSIVE pair of shears that he got from somewhere. Rose takes in the foster kids. The bird is somehow in her house with the foster kids. Marcus gets a message from god about Tomas. The show deserved a better send off.

Best Lines:

“I'll take your soul.”

“We're losing.”

War Without End, part 2

Sheridan sees the future and is fawned over by future Delenn. She babbles about their son David who was never seen on screen. In the future Londo is Emperor and paying the price for his vaulting ambition. Vir becomes Emperor in the bad future. The whole Minbari souls in human bodies thing continues to be ignored.

Sinclair goes back in time and becomes a Minbari. He is Valen, their holiest leader. This was all padding. The Minbari are racist jerks and Sinclair can't fix that. Where did the Vorlons come from in the past? This was not good.

Best Line:

“A Minbari not born of Minbari.”

Double Cross

The gang end up on a resource poor world. Quinn meets his evil female double. But thanks to executive meddling, we'd never see her again. There is a stalker, 90s clothes, Wade does nothing, there is outdated tech and Quinn's double Logan St Clair plans to strip mine other worlds before getting lost in time. This was not good.

Best Line:


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