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Sliders 2x11+Charmed 1x05+Babylon 5 3x14+Orange Is The New Black (2013-2019) 1x04 Reviewed

The Young And The Relentless

The sliders run into a dead Quinn and his big haired wife Wade on yet another alternate world. In this world, if you're over 30 – you don't exist. You have a curfew and can be refused service. AU Wade accepts sliding and Quinn impersonates his double as a favour. The youth rebellion was led by POTUS Howard Stern. There is no resigned dignity and the eerie implications of the youth rebellion are ignored. Ugly clothes are worn.

This is an utterly implausible social life. AU Wade crushes Quinn's will like a used soda can. There is bad hair and this was not emotionally overwhelming. Quinn and Wade frame AU Wade for the crimes she actually committed. This was ridiciously bad and AU Wade is defiant and cold. This was utterly irritating and gets tremendoulsy worse.

Best Line:

“Your lawyer is a Debbie Gibson wannabe!”

Other Women

The sisters whine, there is green light and boredom. One sister decides to remove her girlfriend from her life by rewriting history. This was spectaculary incompetent.

Best Line:

“Dad left her for his crossfit instructor.”

Ship Of Tears

Franklin is an idiot. ISN is back online. Bester shows up. Ivanova shows off her anti-telepath racism. Black Omega is mentioned but never came up again. Bester's pregnant lover shows up, never to be seen or mentioned again. People are ungrateful to G'Kar and will not stop lying to him. Sheridan belives in locking people up without charge. Telepaths powers are amplified by hyperspace. They keep that a secret. Delenn babytalks to G'Kar as she confesses some of her lies. This was incredibly bland. Delenn justifies her lies. Bester has a wife and a child which he dismisses as a genetic pairing. There is bad ADR and Garibaldi can read the Narn holy book better than G'Kar. Shadows fear telepaths. This was simply terrible.

Best Line:

“I intend to make sure that future happens.”

Imaginary Enemies

This has no whiff of competence as Piper whines. People are magnificantly un-self aware. A screwdriver goes missing. 'Ulysses' is mocked. This was not good, it was spectaculary uninteresting.

Best Lines:

“Educate yourself. Not that it helped this one.”

“He's got breath like dead things.”

“Piss mess.”

“Hope is a dangerous thing.”

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