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Movie Reviews: The Udara Legacy +The Case Of The Sinister Spirit +Murder By Numbers

Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy (1997)

The final tv movie sees Newcomer Paul Bearer run for political office. Matt's an idiot who wants a car. Lane Smith guest stars. Buck joins the LAPD. Susan acts out of character. The characters are all cretinous nincompoops in this consistenly boring mess. The terminally miserable no good punk joining the LAPD comes out of nowhere.

In the 1st tv movie Udara were described as warriors or resistance fighters agianst the Overseers. Now they're violent fanatical terrorists. There is no self-reflection by anyone. Susan reveals she was Udara. She's also a rabid hypocrite. Her acts couldn't realistically go un-challenged. Overseers had access to a mind control gas? Why did they never use it? Susan was part of an Udara plan to brainwash children into being Udara assassins. She did this to her own daughter.

George gets over that fast. Even though Emily is brainwashed to shoot someone. Susan is grim and unsocial. Susan gets away with all her acts including menacing somoene with a gun. The acting was bad and this was inept.

Best Lines;

“The cause is gone.”

“Ready to fight for generations.”

“Dark atrocity.”

“All 6 networks.”

Perry Mason: The Case Of The Sinister Spirit (1987)

There is certain doom and malicious intent in this ridiciously implausible tv movie that features Robert Stack. William Katt and his bad hair berates women. This was dumb.

Murder By Numbers (2002)


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