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Star Trek Deep Space Nine 1x08+Babylon 5 3x12+Star Trek Discovery 2x03 Reviewed

The Passenger

There is no nostalgic reverevence for this ep. Quark has disrepute. Bashir gets possessed by a criminal who will go to any lenghts for immortality with bleak pragmatism and icy professionalism. The catastrophic event of a dying race is ignored. No one suspects Bashir is possessed despite his non-clandestine carry on.

This ep was never referenced again, despite you know, immortality. Why does Odo ignore genuine grievances about Quark? The dying race are forgotten. Caitlin Brown guest stars. Quark and Odo discuss Dax like she is meat. The prisoner wasn't penitent. Where did the Starfleet security guy in this ep go in later eps? This was gleeful silliness. The alien cop (Brown) has gratuitous brutality and an abject level of caution when it comes to the prisoner.

One can't find sense in this. Sisko is admonitory and active memory is accessed and purged. WTF does that mean? Where would Odo go if he quit? The baddie's perceived destiny makes no real sense. Bashir is obviously possessed and does a silly voice. Quark has no qualms and the baddie is unconscious of morals. The alien cop has absolutise views and makes confident assertions. She can't be placated. Quark crawls around on the floor looking for spare change.

An alien uploaded his consciousness into another species' brain. Nobody follows up on this. Bashir mispronounces his own name and makes a 'Search For Spock' reference. Nobody is probitively cuatious. Are there no other science officers on the station? People confer. Bashir is not self-blaming about what transpired. This was lamentable and a revocation of sense. There are no lengthy repercussions of the whole mind control deal.

The pirates accepted the possessed Bashir as their boss, off-screen. Was the mind control sitch explained off-screen? There are no lengthy repercussions for Bashir's acts. Bashir does the silly voice more. Quark didn't notify anyone that Bashir was possessed and gone super-villain. Bashir has weird diction and makes gurning noises. Dax beams the mind control cells out of Bashir's brain and the alien cop phasers what's left of the prisoner aka a death sentence and nobody reacts.

Best Lines:

“The horrors he's responsible for.”

“She has 10 lifetimes of friends to call on before she calls you.”

“Stopped thinking 2 days ago.”

“Sub space shunt.”

“I resent the inference.”

“It's not an inference. It's a definate suspicion.”

“Bio-coded message.”

“Hailing? Us?”

“Looks rather good on me.”

“Sub space crossover link.”

“I feel quite humilated.”

“I was told you were dead.”

“Almost. But not quite.”

Sic Transit Vir

Ivanova does nudity for a cheap gag. There is idiot comedy. The Command staff wear new uniforms. There is no huge uncertainty or emotional drama. The mysterious narrative is not ompelling. Vir's fiancee shows up. Delenn babytalks. There is bad acting. Vir helps Narns and Sheridan and Delenn have a date. This was all padding. Vir and Ivanova have a wildly sexist talk about what women want. Londo and Vir's fiancee are genocidal loons. What happened to the captive Narn? Vir shrugs off the genocide. This was not good.

Point Of Light

Spock is not her brother and Amanda is not her mother. This is not a vivid evocation of the future. One feels a baffled response to this unrelentingly grim ep. Tilly's loony and cankankerous. There are dark thoughts. Everyone has repellent traits in this oddly bland ep. People are insufferably complaent. The f'ning Klingons show up. Things are malign and divisive in this obvious artifice.

This has no acclaim. Klingons and Michael are unignorable problems. There is no well-deserved acclaim for this. Michael is self-reinforcingly smug and inexplicably reverential of Amanda. 'TOS' gave us no reason to love her.

Tyler has a beard and mad hair. L'Rell has hair. There is no dignity or honour. One is uninvested. This ep is another attempt to rehabiliate Michael's image. Vicious insults are hurled. Alan Van Sprang of 'Reign' guest stars. There is no overarching sense of threat or high intensity. There is exposition and one is deeply unfond of this.

There is more exposition.People are appalling and terrible. There is moral decay. Spock has gone nuts apparently. People refuse to hear explanations. L'Rell and Tyler have a baby and it is dropped off at a monestary, never to be seen again. Section 31 show up. House Kor is mentioned. Tilly's issues are caused by mirror universe fungus. No really. Tilly has a weird case of Thrush. Ick. L'Rell waves heads. Control is mentioned.

Best Lines:

“My presence was a danger to the family.”

“Memories of long ago.”

“I choose to be here.”

“Dedicated everything to your cause.”

“Have enemies enough.”

“Hurt him irreparably.”

“Your eyes are dripping.”

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