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Jericho Season 1 Review, Part 2

Emily thinks what her wedding day to Roger could have been like and Jericho is menaced by Ravenwood. This was okay, it has been obvious since 'Four Horsemen' that Roger will be back someday. Mary is suddenly friends with Heather and Emily. The booze in the bar finally runs out. Dr Dhuwalia gives his back-story of being trapped in Las Vegas without water or power. Ravenwood tell the truth but no-one believes them, something that will have massive repercussions in season 2. Johnston Green gives Jake a handbook to assist in setting up a Jericho defence force, something they didn't bother with until now. Eric asks the survivalists for help, something nobody else thought to do. The road that is blocked by two passenger planes doesn't seem to give anyone any bother as Jonah and his gang and Ravenwood tool about with no problems. Eric dumps April for Mary, he doesn't know that April is pregnant.

Red Flag
Planes drop food and other vital supplies on Jericho. Trouble breaks out between the townspeople and the survivalists for the pallets. Then Gracie is murdered. This was okay. Gail and Eric Green act irrationally, Johnston Green shows off cold war paranoia, people claim to be hungry but nobody actually looks hungry or dirty. Eric discovers that he is the least favourite son now. Stanley and Mimi bond. The food pallet drop sequence was well done and the mysterious leaflets in the pallets intrigued, shame TPTB never went anywhere with them.

Best Line: "My family is hungry now, not when you decide it's okay for them to be hungry!"
Vox Populi
Gray uses Gracie's murder to get elected mayor. Jonah faces a lynchmob. Dale avenges Gracie's death. Bonnie screams in sign language and Roger returns as Emily is trying to get it on with Jake. We get more back story on Jake as Emily discusses their teenage romance. Stanley and Mimi bond some more, Jonah is exiled, Bonnie finds herself a bad boy boyfriend and Roger reveals he walked from Nebraska to get back to Emily and her polyester hair extensions. One has to wonder, where was the Jericho defence force? Didn't they see Roger and his band of plane survivors walking into town? This was good.

The Day Before
Flashbacks to 36 hours before the attacks show Jake as a sort of reformed bad boy with secrets, Hawkins as a kidnapper, Emily as selfish and the Green parents having marital problems. Jake sports a suit and tie and has combed hair, he looks nice. In flashback Johnston praises Eric as the good son, oh how times change. More mystery about Jake's past is sown here. This was okay.

Black Jack
Jake, Heather, Johnston and Dale visit the trading post of Black Jack and see the harsh realities of their new world. This was excellent and stuff set up in this ep played out well into season 2. In the funniest moment of the entire show, the expedition to Black Jack is suggested and the entire population of the town turn to look at Jake. Hilarious, Gail is amazed and Jake looks sheepish. The message board at Black Jack is full of visual clues and hints about future plot arcs, it's something to behold on freeze frame.

Elsewhere Dale and Skylar continue to plot, it is revealed Germany dropped aid on the town of New Bern and Hawkins' conspiracy side plot drags on. The New Bern plot get its start here, I sort of wish they hadn't done the whole New Bern plot.

Best Lines:
"Where's the President?"
"Which one?"

Heart Of Winter
Food is low in Jericho. Nobody thinks to mention that maybe they shouldn't have eaten all their supplies at that huge BBQ or got themselves blacklisted from Black Jack. Jake, Stanley and Mimi go out hunting but run into problems. This was good but the Hawkins/conspiracy plot eats up too much airtime. This was good. So much bleakness in this episode: the field of dead bodies, mass migrations and murderous road gangs.

Also Johnston and Gail discuss how Jake wasn't always the problem child and how he hid alcohol in his closet as a teen. Where are all the migrations heading? Why were they never mentioned in season 2? Why don't Stanley and Jake huddle together for warmth if it's cold enough for a water bottle to freeze solid? Mimi has to go for help and she isn't very good at that. Johnston and Gail drink and drive to save Jake. An injured, cold Jake weeps to his father about killing a child in Iraq. Johnston is stunned and then doesn't want to talk about it any more. Doesn't Johnston wonder what Jake was doing in Iraq? Apparently not as they never discussed it again, Jake only revealed the full details of his past to Eric in season 2.

Semper Fidelis
Marines claiming to be on the forefront of the reconstruction efforts arrive in Jericho. However Johnston and Jake soon realise they aren't Marines at all. This was okay. But how did the fake marines fuel their tank? The marines actually are telling the truth about the reconstruction but even they don't seem to realise it. People are leaving Jericho for someplace better, never to be seen or mentioned again. Somehow the talk of food riots in refugee camps doesn't dissuade them from leaving. This was good.

Winter's End
April goes into early labour and Jake has to drag Dhuwalia out of the bar and into the medical centre to operate on her. Meanwhile the trade deal with New Bern gets complicated. This was good. April and her unborn child die of pregnancy complications in a very sad moment. Eric weeps over the fact he was making out with Mary as his wife and child were dying. Mimi and Bonnie try to bond. Nobody explains how Mimi and Bonnie were going to dry the sheets they were boiling. Stanley and Eric head off to New Bern despite the obvious warning signs. Dale and Skyler continues to act like brats.
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