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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Supernatural' 14x13 promo

The 300th ep and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is finally back as the timeline changes.

'Happy Death Day 2 U' trailer


'Ring' trailer


'Brightburn' trailer


'Riverdale' 3x12 promo

“Great, more teenagers.”

Sugar free lemonade – okay.

Sour cherry choc – yum.

Crunchy peanut nutter with maple and pecan – nice.

Gluten free chocolate fudge cake slice – nice.

'Supernatural/Charmed/Riverdale/Arrowverse' renewed.

What's an air fryer?

More 'A Very English Scandal'!

Dessert pizza is thing?

I'd try curd bread.

'Daily Mail' Quote:

“Saved us from doom.”

“Blighted family.”

“Don't deserve support.”

“Authoritative approach.”

'All The Plagues Of Hell' Quotes:

“The local great families pretend we do not exist.”

“There have been developments, not encouraging ones.”

“They came to her and, if they knew what was good for them, came quickly.”

'Spying On The Royals' Quote:

“Captive counties.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:


“That's the devil ringing the bell.”

“Whenever I see the DC logo, I immediately fall asleep.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes;

“Take the high moral ground during social interactions.”

“Had got over his disappointment in her,”

“They will hunt you one by one, and these people once they start looking for you, they will find you. They will damage you.”

“Don't know what alive is going to look like in the long term.”

“Prized birth and family history.”



“Sclerotic courts system.”

“Internationally recognised conditions for free and fair elections do not exist.”

“Refused to recognise the body it eventually produced.”

“Diminish the homeland.”

“Citing his lack of legitimacy at home and recognition abroad.”

“Rod of correction.”

“Raged in print.”

“Dangerous bundles of instincts needing to be tamed by discipline, authority.”

“Deterioration in his behaviour.”

“Former spouses.”

“Oblivious to perceptions.”

“Everyone is entilted to her good name.”

“Social teaching.”

“More healthy, moral place.”

“Decaying present.”

“Driver of grievance.”


“Sex that gets you arrested sex.”

“Centuries passed before mainstream anatomical theory caught up with him.”

“Mechanics of audience response.”

“Except take exercise, get up early or be respected.”

“Medically sanctioned gaslighting,”

“Systematically devalue artisitc labour.”

“Grind people into dust.”

“Her position in the house is only safe as long as she produces an heir.”

'TheCut' Quotes:

“Too perfect to believe.”

“So people will stop and stare.”

“Insult school.”

“In hopes of igniting online fights with Youtubers who had more followers.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“What that smile must have cost him.”

“Desperation for the approval of the liberal intelligentsia-”

“Minset changers.”


On 'Hollyoaks': Hilton shows up. Where has he been? Sami lurks. Why isn't he in jail? The prozzie's vile daughter causes a furore and this has no redemptive power. Mac tries to hire Sami to keep Cindy's house. Nobody has compassion and support for James.Chester is full of lawless carnage and unlawful decisions. Mac is not really a man worth trying to help. Mac has toxic tenacity and inherent smugness. Darren and Mandy are terminally vacant. Mac is widely reviled. Nobody has moral qualms. James and Sami assist each other by all means at their disposal. Mac is a vociferous opponent. Luke's in jail and is the father of Mandy's unborn bastard. Mac pimps out the prozzie.

Best Lines:

“The most hated man in Chester and a junkie for a mum!”

“Start looking for a carboard box.”

“Everybody hates you.”

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