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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

‘Honest Trailers: Birdbox’
This film punishes everyone who tries to be a good person.

Best Line:
“Showing you stuff!”

‘The Flash’ 5x13 promo

Bison jumps were hideous.

Who saw ‘Surviving Gilligan’s Island’?

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“More convivial and socially egalitarian city.”

“The response of some parents was to accuse gardai of harassing their sons.”

“Properly bohemian.”

“Imploring their young congregation to change their behaviour,”

“Where locals now fear to walk or cycle.”

“Weaponisation of poverty.”

“End careers and galleries.”


“No words of regret, no thanks or acknowledgement.”

“Couldn’t be bothered finding a job.”




“Help seeking.”

“Increasing the intrigue.”

“Homelessness was made a punishable crime.”

“Self-annihilating fanaticism.”

“Delay, deny and defend.”

“Shattered the lives of an entire generation.”

“European corn border.”

“We now live a terrible way.”

“They got very scared. The culture wars came out of that.”

“He completely changed the trajectory of the country.”

‘Aertel’ Quotes:
“Born sleeping.”

“Personal hardship.”

‘Don’t Breathe’ Quotes:
“You just gave this guy the legal right to shoot us.”

“This is not good.”

‘Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family’ Quote:
“Stop stabbing bushes.”

‘Batman’ (1966) Quote:
“Only the Joker would think of that.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Alfie NEVER apologises to James for calling him a liar, ill-treating him and excluding him. Nancy hooks up with Kyle aka James’ lying ex. Alfie notes Mac has suffered no falling off in reputation despite all the crap he’s pulled. Sinead and Nancy go hysterical. Alfie leaves. No great loss. Mac learns he fathered a daughter on a vile prozzie, the same vile prozzie he forced James to sleep with thereby inadvertently fathering Romeo on her. So that’s complicated. Mac brags about his new daughter and stealing Cindy’s house.

Darren gets into an argument with Nancy but can’t do a dramatic entrance as he can’t open the door. Cindy gets out of the loony ward. Where is Hilton? She learns Mac stole her house and is shacked up in it with the vile prozzie and her whore dropped bastards. Cindy’s homeless. James wants to help Cindy. Sinead looks plastic.

Best Lines:
“You can’t get angry at facts!”

“Sienna the husband stealing witch.”

“I ain’t going nowhere!”

“You’re not just dead to me.”

“You killed Nita...Nathan going out the window..the school exploding.”

“Queen of loonyville.”

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