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Book Review: Two Can Keep A Secret

Two Can Keep A Secret by Karen M. McManus
From the author of ‘One Of Us Is Lying’ comes this okay mystery. Ezra and Ellery end up in their mother’s home town after their neglectful drug addict mother ends up in rehab. Staying with their grandmother, they learn the town of Echo Ridge has a history of missing women, bullying and ignored traumatised recall.

There is psychological bullying, damaging accusations, people choosing unwisely, social stratification and a baddie whose betrayal is inevitable. There are inevitable consequences of people being satisfyingly certain yet wrong. This was good sharp and perceptive. This was a tale of narrative uncertainties, social uneasiness, unjust misfortune, diminished reputations and particularly horrible people.

Best Lines:
“Trouble I shouldn’t even be in.”

“Worry at home,”

“Acting like your existence annoyed him.”

“She’s a special kind of horrible, isn’t she?”

“You. Thought. He. Was. Guilty. Of. Murder.”
“I almost got murdered.”

“Some secrets shouldn’t be told.”
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