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Hawk & Dove Issue 14 & Babylon 5 Issue 11 Reviewed

Hawk & Dove Issue 14
In this 1990 comic, Hawk and Dove face Hawk’s possessed girlfriend Ren. Kestrel has possessed Ren and makes mean faces. Who is Kestrel? There is 90s hair and Hawk rages like a violent abusive loon. Hawk punches a pet and there are fights. Hawk waves a wig around. Where did their costumes go? There are dated pop culture references. Hawk goes bad and there is a cliffhanger. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“My clothing doesn’t come off lady. Never did. I tried.”

“People like you really annoy me.”

“You’re my meat!”

“I can’t hit Ren!”

“A recording hung up on me!”

Babylon 5 Issue 11
This edition of the short lived comic from 1995 centres on Psi Corps. The art is cheap looking. A Markab is seen, didn’t they all die out? Who is this telepath in the comic? Psi Corps propaganda is uttered. We see sweet kid Alfred Bester before he became a Psi Cop. Of course, that wasn’t his real origin. This is all increasingly difficult to believe. This was dire and not a saleable product.
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