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Stargate Atlantis Season 4 Eps 15&19 Reviewed

You just knew this show was doomed when just 2 eps of an entire season were watchable. Which is still better than season 5 as only one of its eps was watchable.

TPTB finally give back-story on Sheppard when he heads home for his dad's funeral. His family are old money and they suck. Sheppard deals with his ex-wife (Kari Wuhrer of 'Sliders', 'Berserker: Hell's Warrior' and 'Eight Legged Freaks') and his snot of a brother (Dylan Neal of 'Dawson's Creek', 'Blood Ties' and 'Legend of the Rangers'. This was good, Sheppard got to brood and have character.

The Last Man
Sheppard walks through a Stargate and ends up 48,000 years in the future where Atlantis is buried in sand. There he meets a hologram of McKay who tells him how the galaxy went to hell without Sheppard. Basically everyone died and the hellspawn villain Michael won. Now Sheppard has to go back in time and save the day. This was very good. But can Sheppard save the day from the idiot villain Michael? Will Sheppard get a guest role on 'Stargate: Universe'?
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