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Archie Meets Batman '66 Issue 5 Reviewed

I didn't find issue 4. Robin and Batgirl are in a foreboding dreadful situation. The baddies mindcontrol the adults in Riverdale. Somehow Batman escapes said mind control. The baddies evil plan is revealed. Robin gets to drive the Batboat. Batman faces considerable personal difficulty and an ideological challenge. This was okay, baddies refuse to comply with morals and oversee their new domain of Riverdale.

Best Lines:

“Do we even live in a moral universe anymore?”

“I'm a mixture of rage and pride right now!”

“Let me guess, you set a deathtrap for the boy wonder and Batgirl and then left without getting closure.”

“The fiends! Subjecting them to monkey cymbal torture!”

“A model of their imperfect society, based upon their colossal egos.”

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