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Movie Reviews: Io + Sins Of The Preacher

Io (2019)

In this good sci-fi film, Earth's atmosphere changed and the Exodus Mission left Earth for a colony on Io. A woman lives near the ruins of NY carrying out the work of her father (Danny Huston) who thought humanity could find a way to survive on the changed Earth. She has eye makeup and waxed legs and armpits in the post-apoc world. How she gets water isn't explained. She communicates with a friend on the Io colony, where apparently life isn't easy.

She has bees. Why didn't she go to Io? Her friend talks of a New World Expedition Fleet that will leave Io find humanity a new home on a exoplanet near Proxima Centauri. The air on Earth is running out. The last Exodus Shuttle will leave soon. But still the heroine stays, somehow she has power and food. How does she have oxygen? A storm rolls in and kills 99% of her bees. She's sad and doesn't plan to catch the last flight out until a hot air balloon shows up.

Anthony Mackie of 'Pain & Gain' disembarks the hot air balloon. The heroine lies about her father dying. They drink brown water and discuss the adverse consequences of climate change. The animals and birds died. Were any taken to Io? Or are all they extinct? The heroine discusses her friend on Io who is named Elon. Oh I see what you did there TPTB. She discusses a pig her father had. Elon says he is going on the New World mission which will take 10 years and warns her that all transmission links with Earth will be cut after the final Exodus Launch.

Mackie says her father was wrong to tell people to stay on Earth and caused people to starve to death including his own wife. The heroine is sad. Secrets are discussed. They plan to travel to the site of the last ever Exodus shuttle. They stop for a discussion of Leda And The Swan. She stays. I presume he goes. She has a message. WTF was that ending? I enjoyed this.

Best Lines:


“The final Exodus Launch to Io.”

“Seek life no matter what.”

“Working hard to find a new home.”

“Near identical Earth twin.”

“Takes 10 years to get there.”

“You're from before.”

“Nothing anywhere.”

“The future we got was unthinkable.”

“Fear our planet.”

“Fled to the strs.”

“If any do choose to stay.”

“Many, many years.”

“Dead for a long time.”

“Even the birds all died.”

“Too far to cross.”

“The universe is calling for us.”

Sins Of The Preacher (2013)

Gail O'Grady stars in this true story. A woman dies of an apparent suicide. Oddly there is no autopsy, no headstone and a typed unsigned suicide note. The dead woman's mother (O'Grady) has hysterics. She also doesn't sit near her grandchildren in church. Her preacher son in law acts dodgy. He bins his dead wife's photos and moves his mistress in. He gives her his dead wife's phone and steals his dead wife's money. The son in law has zero remorse and a psychotic detachment from reality. The cops are uncaring. The mother and some friends look for justice and clues. The mistress who looks like a Playboy Playmate prances. Finally some justice happens and the son in law rails as his dead wife's body is exhumed. This is based on the Matt and Kari Baker case. The mistress knew what the son in law did and testifies against him and he gets 65 years. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Way too modest for that.”

“Cannot hear this!”

“After what I did for you?”

“How awful he is.”

“What kind of man doesn't have friends?”

“He's a good christian man.”

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