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The X Files 11x08-11x10 +Charmed 1x03 Reviewed 🤣🤣👀👀😢😢😆😆🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🐱‍🏍


This season isn't awash with opportunity. A child is lured and killed. Why aren't the duo looking for William? People talk about coyowolves. Roger Cross guest stars. There is no sign of the darkest and most dangeorus ideas. Mulder talks insane troll logic. Mulder and Scully are viewed with contempt. Scully profiles. Mulder is the profiler! Mulder sniffs out dark magic.

There is no emotional intensity. Scully reminds Mulder that he once worked in violent crime. Creepy kids tv characters prance. There is another death. Mulder and Scully pity a perv. Things are fractious. The grimmer manifestations of smalltown life are seen. A witch has unleashed a curse. This had promise but becomes mildly hilarious and ardous to watch at the end. This show has lost its way and its soul.

Best Lines:

“Typically be a man.”

“What's a hellhound now?”

“John Wayne Gacy with a monkey.”

“I did not see that coming.”

“I will not forgive you.”

Nothing Lasts Forever

Mulder's co-workers are longtime opponents of him. TPTB remember Scully is Catholic. There are abounding cliches and stolen organs. People who are sort of vampires (without the supernatural part) act malignantly. Mulder has no valuable insight. There is weirdness and no emotional investment. Monsters pass unnoticed. There is no appalling fascination.

There is a cult led by a failed actress turned modern day vampire. Mulder ndded glasses. The plot makes no sense. A woman slays the 'vampires' and their servants. Mulder lists off all the things Scully has lost. This was not good.

Best Lines:

“We found reasons to become interested.”

“Become something she will never be.”

“For unnatural purposes.”

“Nothing much ever again.”

My Struggle IV

17 years ago Scully gave up William. Sadly William is a tool, with powers. Skinner annoys. William caused a multiple car pile-up and didn't care. Smoking Man is William's father/creator. The tv host from season 10 returns briefly. Where are the aliens? The X Files are to be closed (again) and the duo are to be fired (again). Barbara Hershey and Joel McHale and Annabeth Gish and Ben Cotton guest star. Where are Lauren Ambrose and Robbie Amell?!? Skinner sneaks, lord I hate him.

There are flashbacks. Where's Skinner? CSM is an evil mainipulating mastermind. Mulder hates CSM with all his being. Various people die. William is an idiot who won't talk to his parents and does a runner. Season 12 is set up and there are dangling plot threads. William the ass has no commitment, courage or self-development. William makes people explode. Obvious sources of concern are ignored.

There is no enormous distress. Nobody talks to each other. William is highly irritating and deeply unpleasant. Scully is over-negative. There is bad decision-making and judgment. There are reckless decisions. This is not of critical importance. People are consumed with negative thoughts. William has no shame.

People in positions of responsibility and authority can't be trusted. Stupid teenagers are stupid. Arguments are ramped up. The world is a terrifying place. Gillian Anderson hated this ep. Understandably. One is affronted by how stupid William is. Things are dangerous and complicated. One is weary of this. Mulder is weary with resignation. This was below-par and terrible. The script is unconvincing to the point of insult.

This was woeful. Every cliche is being exhausted. Chris Carter has a maddening pattern of ruining this show. Where is Spender? Things don't work out for anyone the way they wanted or planned. The foundational elements of this show have been ruined. I just hated this. The show's credibility has been damaged. The plot cannot sustain even casual analysis. This was inexorably stupid. With eyes glaring hate, Mulder murders his father.

CSM shot who he thought was Mulder in the head with callous vicious unflinching glee. Scully shrugs off Mulder murdering his father and they accept that William isn't theirs at all. So they've been tortured for 17 years of wilful misunderstanding. William was an experiment, not their child. Oddly Emily isn't mentioned. There is delusion and violence. William has disconcertingly inherited CSM's utter ruthlessness. Scully's pregnant in her 50s! This show has become distorted to something very different. This ep is an INSULT.

Best Lines:

“I don't care if it is true!”

“His superiors label it fake news. Shocker.”

“Who his father is.”

“You'd shoot your own first born son?”

“Shot my second born son once.”

Sweet Tooth

Harry rants about the harbinger of hell and demons of unspeakable horror. The sisters are bimbos who have off-putting behaviour. The sisters spew SJW crap. It's Halloween. And there are demons. Yawn. The future don't look too good for this dreck.

Best Line:

“The deafening screams of human torment!”

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