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Book Reviews: The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane +Spot 50 Cats +Buried Lies

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane by Laird Koening

This is not the novel but a play adapdation of said novel by Dramatists Play Service Inc. The novel is sadly out of print. A teen girl, Rynn, fends off the local ceep Frank Hallett. She is befriended by the silly Mario and the cop Miglioriti. Oddly Miglioriti does not arrest the local perv as the perv's mother has some sort of clout in town or something.

Rynn has stuckness and is consumed by rage. The perv is problematic and is deliberately and consciously awful as he subjects Runn to intimidation and threats and lazy cliches. This was inconsequential. Rynn's attempts to save herself from bad people leads to disquieting consequences that are disturbing, unpredictable and tragic. The sleazy ambience is high and there is no persistent feeling of dread. This can't be necessary.

Spot 50 Cats

This slim book is a kid's guide to pedigree cat breeds. It's slight.

Buried Lies by Kristina Ohlsson

People deal badly with the consequences of their life choices in this translated Swedish novel about a violent jerk lawyer trying to clear the name of a deceased, confessed serial killer. This was sadly lacking and appalling, absolutely appalling. This is racist and the 'hero' has a laughable brooding sense of maleness.

Best Lines:

“Who the hell calls himself Bobby T. In Stockholm?”

“Did all they could to sabotage their own future.”

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