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Kings Episode 10 Review

Chapter One

The country's charter is stolen so Silas dispatches David to find it. Katarina's engagement is Jack is short lived as she dies in a car wreck. Jack is now to marry Lucinda. Jack doesn't waste time mourning Joseph as he flirts with another guy causing Lucinda to realise she's being used. David learns Silas allegedly sent his father to his death. This episode had way too much David in it. How is David supposed to become king? He's a bland idiot. Also Jack is a tool, literally. William Cross continues to plot his coup whether Jack wants to be part of it or not.

David's mother shows up to be an idiot, David challenges Silas and gets arrested for treason as a result. Queen Rose show had Katarina killed so David better watch out. Jack continues to switch personalities from ep to ep, Michelle continues to be bland and how does Cross keep getting away with everything?

Best Lines:
"We've gone to war for less insult."

"You pretend to be a good man."

"You accept that ring, you become a vessel for the propagation of his kind. If you can't manage that you will have failed your only employment."
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