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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff😍🌹🌹💖💕🎁

'Io' trailer

Humanity flees Earth. Looks good.

Best Lines:

“Toxic zone.”

“There is no one else.”

“What was it like before?”

“Final exodus launch.”

'Gotham' 5x04 promo


'Honest Trailers: Solo'

Not everything needs an explation. No one asked for this.

Best Lines:

“Which part of the internet you like to scream at.”

“No wonder he tossed him off that bridge.”

Dairy Milk mint crisp bar – good.

Milk chocolate with a slug of smooth, honeyed, 10 year old single malt – yum.

Marmalade gin chocolate cocktail – strong.

Mint cream sealed in mint dark chocolate – okay.

What's cultured cream and pickled onion salt?

Who saw 'The Lady In The Water', 'The Machinist', ''Green Acres', The Freshman', 'The Happening' or 'Wide Awake'?

I'd try a burger from hell and chilli cheese fries and Coffin Bay oysters with ice plant. I'd try horseradish and blood orange creme fraiche. I'd try brioche buns with chocolate and rosemary.

Foris – what is outside.

Job ghosting is a thing?

'The Phoenix' Quotes:

“Such was her sense of grievance.”

“Advise and assist her in conflicts.”

“The very high expectations of what a book could and should achieve.”

“Made her sound like the Roy Keane of literary critcism.”

“Unnecessarily vicious.”

“Apparent exclusion from various tributes and special supplements.”

“Intolerable and needs to be addressed.”

“Always been to cultivate the most powerful and very wealthy at the very top of society in order to achieve her goals.”

“Sense of her place in society, at home and abroad.”

“Brought attention to himself.”

“Cultural diplomats.”

“Best known for outspoken views on assorted topics.”

“Bizarre outbursts.”

“Has been uncharacteristically absent from the sunday papers of late-”

'The Empire Of Sand' Quotes:

“I will make sure she doesn't miss you at all.”

“Unspoken expectations of his station.”

“Give a ritual its deserved weight.”

“He didn't sound like a man who considered himself blessed.”

“The taint of her choices.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Unlike her barren self.”

'Coronation Street' Quote:

“I'll stick it though your front door.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Say something that would render me instnatly and permanently unemployable.”

“Talk myself out of opportunities that hadn't yet come my way.”

“No great moment of revelation.”

“Venerates stress.”

“The delusion that you're on the verge of being discovered.”

“Regards being on the verge of burnout as a sign of commitment.”

“Started to panic that she hadn't found a lasting significant other.”

“Born in shame.”

“Single women who don't want to be.”

“Unattached status.”

“Skin hunger.

“Found their kindness difficult to take.”

“Here's homelessness.”

“Dreaded milestones.”

“When they realise it's not normal.”

“Seeing all this food when they know it's not going to be in their house.”

“Faux online infamy.”

“Trudge of leaden celebrity cameos and randomised foreign adventures.”

“Poking the show with a stick in search of answers is officially fruitless.”

“Saintly dead wives.”

“Dark kitchens.”

“Mary's body, like Elizabeth's is a symbol and vessel of the nation's integrity, and therefore it isn't entirely hers.”

“Generally treated Mary as a villain.”

“Canons are unfashionable and literary classics automatically suspected of patriarchal crimes.”

“How to win prestige by complying with the rules of the system.”

“Peripheral nations.”

“Obsessing over perceived slights,”

“Whose existence literature had hiherto failed to acknowledge.”

“Fear will become the future.”

“Delcared opposition treasonous.”

“From a time when beaches existed.”

“Increasing encroachment by the state in the way we live our lives.”

“War alias.”

“There is no way out from here.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Keeping his reputation in public view.”

“Ill-mapped backwater.”

“Gave certain men the right to tell a woman's story and judge her for it, to sentence or protect her and those she loves, at a price of his choosing.”

“Don't have that and they've never had that.”

“Influence exhibition strategy.”

“Opportunity costs.”

“Time sinks.”

“Celestial bodies moving around us on a cosmic scale.”

'Man V Food' Quote:

“Sorry I had to go there.”

'Tales From The Darkside' Quotes:

“Even back then it was dated.”

Welcome to welfare lady. Enjoy!”

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