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Book ReReview: Tales Of The Dominion War

Tales Of The Dominion War edited By Keith R. A. DeCandido
For two years the Federation, the Klingons and the Romulans waged a brutal desperate war against the Dominion. The short stories collected in this novel depict how the Dominion war affected the entirety of the Trek universe (except obviously for 'Voyager'). This was a wonderfully written.

A tale of how a surviving crewmember from Picard's old ship Stargazer (as introduced in the novel 'Reunion') tricks a Vorta and helps free a world. This is an okay start to the series but seriously, was a Vorta ever as stupid as the one depicted in this tale?

A Cardassian, a Vorta, a Founder and a squad of Jem'Hadar are escaping from Federation space with the codes to deactivate the mine grid sealing the wormhole. But they run into an evil energy being from 'TOS' and come to a suitable ending. This is okay.

A story of Lwaxana Troi and the fall of Betazed to the Dominion. This is a good tale of how Lwaxana loses everything except the will to survive.

Spock is still on Romulus as the Romulan senate argues in favour of joining forces with the Dominion, but then the Emperor is murdered. Spock is determined to uncover the truth and learn who is attempting to seize control of the planet's destiny. This is a very good tale. Saavik's fate is revealed in this tale: she is now married to Spock. Which is kind of gross - she was his sort of foster daughter. All of Spock's efforts though are undone as Sisko and Garak's acts during 'In the Pale Moonlight' take place during the events of this tale sending Romulus in the direction they want.

A blackly comic tale written in journal entries by a Romulan Tal Shiar agent in deep cover on DS9. A plague has broken out and Bashir, Crusher, McCoy, the EMH and the journal of Phlox have combined forces to crack it. Meanwhile the deep cover agent is the unwitting source of a possible cure but the pressures of her situation are causing her to crack. This is an excellent story.

This is a tale of Shinzon. In this story he leads a group of Reman shock troops to destroy an illegal Tal Shiar lab the Romulans don't want their Federation allies to know exists. This is a fantastic tale of battle and explains many things 'Nemesis' left out. It tells how Shinzon got out of the mines and became a soldier for the Empire, it shows how he obtained a warbird, B4 and his lethal weapon, it also explains the origin of his name and what it means.

Shinzon is a brilliant leader, determined to free his Reman brothers. But it is on this mission that he learns who and what he really is and the seeds for what he became in 'Nemesis' are sown. The contrast between what Shinzon is in this tale and what became of him in 'Nemesis' is tragic. This is a character who deserved so much better. Shinzon was never a monster and this is his story and a brilliant tragic tale it is.

Picard and Troi are at Starfleet HQ when the Breen launch their devastating attack. It is up to them and some newly graduated cadets to help save the day. The Enterprise is hours away and the only other starship in the solar system is the USS Colombia which is trapped in the inoperative Starbase 1. This is a nice adventure tale. Several characters in this tale are named after the crew of the space shuttle Colombia - bad taste or not? You decide.

Admiral Leonard McCoy and Captain Montgomery Scott learn of the Breen attack on Earth when they land at a neutral repair station. But when a damaged starship arrives and the repair station commander insists they leave because Breen forces are coming, the veterans and the young starship crew face danger together. This is a nice little tale that was possibly inspired by a WW2 movie I saw about a German warship being repaired in a South American port while Allied warships waited for it to leave.

The tales of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers was told in monthly ebooks which I never had any interest in reading. Anyway this tale is about the SCE ship Da Vinci and their attempts to retrieve a new Breen Enigma type code machine while Breen warriors try to kill them. This is a nice story.

A Klingon warrior is the sole survivor when his ship crashes on a desolate desert world. He only has a knife and a disruptor and he lost one arm in the crash. Can he really fight seven Jem'Hadar and a Vorta whose ship also crashed? Yes he damn well can in this good tale.

A tale of the 'New Frontier'.150 years after the end of the Dominion War, Kebron tells his son about the role of the Excalibur in the Dominion War. Some of it is fact, some fiction; he is trying to teach his son a lesson about the realities of war. This is an interesting tale that drops some intriguing hints about possible future happenings in the 'NF' books: Soleta's secret heritage comes out, Kebron kills McHenry and the Romulans find out Sisko lied to them leading to a terrible Earth/Romulan war. Naturally Peter David screwed up all that promise.

Set during the events of the final ever 'DS9' episode, a traumatised human soldier and a bitter Cardassian soldier join forces to enact revenge on the genocidal female Founder. A good tale but it leaves one unanswered question - what did become of the female Founder at her War Crimes Trial? She was responsible for the deaths of billions and yet it was Dukat who got to burn with the Pah'wraiths for all eternity.
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