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Book Reviews: Skin Deep + Wraith

Skin Deep by Mark Del Franco

This is a spin off from the 'Connor Grey' urban fantasy series and it is an okay read. In a world where humans and fey co-exist uneasily, Laura Blackstone lives three lives. One life is her own as a fey PR agent, another is Janice a druidess assisting a SWAT team and another is Mariel who works for fey security. Life as an undercover agent is difficult as Laura struggles to maintain three separate lives. But now all her three personas are colliding on one mysterious case.

Del Franco's writing is of varying quality. Of the 'Connor Grey' series books 1 and 3 are washouts, while book 2 is good. 'Skin Deep' is the start of a new series but I don't fell inclined to search out any future additions to this series. I just don't have enough faith in Del Franco's writing ability.

Wraith by Phaedra Weldon

This is book one of a new urban fantasy series about Zoë who can astral project. It's an okay read but Zoë irritates. She comes across as immature and stupid. There are as of now, two more books in the series but I'm not inclined to rush out and buy them. That's because the heroine is infuriatingly moronic, plain dumb and her first person narration makes her come across as a sugar addled spoilt teenager with learning difficulties instead of woman pushing thirty. This is an okay read with a dimwit heroine.
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