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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff🐱‍👓

'Spiderman: Far From Home' trailer

Who is Mysterio? Nick Fury looks angry. Spiderman goes to Europe. Things attack.

Best Line:

“Therefore I have value?”

'The Flash' 5x11 promo

Nora's injured. There is no utter sincerity just faux-edginess. This was dumb with gleeful abanond.

'Ghostbusters20' first look

Mmmm, 2020, a good thing? I don't know.

'Supernatural' 14x11 promo

WTF is this?

'Honest Trailers: Halloween'

The trap house and inept true crime podsters are mocked as is the obligatory horror movie stoner.

Sweet & sour soup – okay.

Apple & Elderflower presse – okay.

Irish Atlantic sea salt popcorn – okay.

I'll review 'Harriet Said...', 'Sadie', 'Awakened', 'The Instrument Of Death', 'The Case For Jamie', 'Slayer', 'Daughters Of The White Queen' and 'The Last'.

They're rebooting 'Final Destination'?

Patrick from 'Hollyoaks' was in Queen's I Want To Break Free music video.

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Faked being pregnant on 3 seperate occasions.”

“How many chances do you want?”

“Shady criminal lifestyle.”

“Always some drama that's going on.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“None of this is normal.”

“Cross party reach out.”

“Defeat without precedent.”

'Song Of The Beast' Quote:

“No forgiveness and no respite from vengeance.”

'The Undiscovered Kenneth Williams' Quotes:

“It was horrid.”

“Down on its uppers.”

“Local serial urinators.”

“Imprisonable offence.”

“Intolerant father.”

“Sympathic bystander.”

“My kind of talking.”

“Scared to death of him to this day.”

“Closed for sensitivity reasons.”

“Librarian says don't read books.”

“Peed in the gutter.”

“None of it has any validity.”

“Utter contempt for critics.”

“Gum boils.”

“Intense dislike of critics.”

British linguistic ignorance.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Poltical offence.”

“Proven mathematically to be impossible to solve.”

“Mathematical crankery.”


“Asking for an opinion, or (worse still) phones to discuss it, or (worse again) shows up in person.”

“Demanding immediate recognition of their mathematical achievements.”

“Self-perpetuating privilege.”

“Well evidenced.”

“Political intentions.”


“Semi-secretive society wearing wigs and black cloaks.”

“Accommodation outcome.”

“Defence of The Dwelling Act.”

“Referred to an issue about a comma.”

“Stifle any opposition.”

“Relentlessly pursued.”

“Refuses to type more lies.”

“No evidence of trauma.”

“Their preferred art form really is as important as they believe.”

“Reveal hidden histories of the universe.”

“Deranged loon.”

“Fire event.”

“Worthy of kindness and attention.”

“No known income.”

“Lived a lifestyle well beyond his known legitimate means.”

“Women with inconvenient levels of power.”

“Can't make Lord Darnley, Mary's second husband, any less pathetic than the historical record allows.”

“Bearded like any untended shrub.”

“The sort of maniac who hands out religious tracts at railway stations.”

“Witless remark.”

“Confess things that I have never done.”

“Increasingly fed up with the new arrivals.”

“Not to spread negative messages.”

“Refused point blank to engage.”

“Not easily replaced.”

“An affront to her father's memory,”


“Not attuned to their needs.”

“Actively and capriciously patronised, cajoled, threatened, manipulated and bullied them.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Clincally dead.”

'Magnum P.I' Quote:

“Why are you touching things?”

'Daily Mail' Quote:

“A bit bitey.”

'The Mary Rose: A Timewatch Guide' Quotes:

“Burial environment.”

“Very interesting spines.”

“Given that technology wasn't thought to have existed for another 200 years.”

'Batman' (1966) Quote:

“Holy priceless collection of Etruscan snoods!”

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