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Charmed 1x02 + Titans 1x07-1x11 + Babylon 5 2x20 + War Of The Worlds 1x22&1x23 Reviewed✨

Let This Mother Out

There is more SJW crap and the sisters don't trust Harry. The sisters are morons. A truth serum is accidently given to the wrong person and causes drama. The sisters are so stupid. Harry talks about Elders and a Harbinger demon. The Source finds a human vessel. This was horrible, horrible and nobody has normative ethics. TPTB show the sisters having intense argumentation and petulant arrogance. I don't care about their aching loss. This show is not fulfilling its promise. The sisters don't apologise to Harry for treating him negatively. They're so pedantic and precious.

Best Lines:

Screw reasoning.”

“No suckage.”

“What does it harbinge?”

The Asylum

People have bad personal intentions. There is vagary. Raven is an ass. I don't care about Raven and her risky and precarious situation. Raven still doesn't heal Dove. A doctor is an instigator of crisis. Raven's mother Angela is mentioned. Dick is irate. This ep was disastrous. Raven is such an idiot, with an inbred sense of entitlement. She's overemotional and rumbling with discontent.

One has a deep sense of unease that this show won't improve. I feel a wave of derison for the contentious Raven and Beast Boy who wilfully enjoy nursing personal grudges. I'm disinterested. How does Starfire have an uber account? Raven is inexplicable, unwise and obectionable. There is no keen interest or mutual respect.

Raven and Beast Boy are in peril. Dick gurns. He and Starfire are in peril from people unconscious of morals. This was not compulsive or brilliant. There is little cheer and Raven is the antichrist. There is bizarre carry on. Raven has consternation. There is anguish and sadness. Dick looks hotter in his Robin costume than he does in his civilian get up. Do these people know who Batman is? Does Batman know or care that Dick is in peril? Why the cape? Dick has more anguish and sadness. I'm fed up and frustrated.

Rachel Nichols guest stars. Dick is self-punitive. Raven has a lot of mascara on. Raven kills someone and makes a gurning faces. Raven puts on a hoodie and goes to save her friends from thuggish inhuman pressure. No actually she goes to her mother (Nichols) first. Raven needs to be accountable. Raven's destiny is inescapable and vexing. This was not fraught. There is nauseous chicanery.

Beast Boy eats someone. I don't care about Raven's tumultuous and uncertain journey. Dick's in serious condition but walks it off. Dick beats up a squad of security guards in incredibly disturbing fashion. This was catastrophic decrepitude. The Robin suit burns – where did it come from? What if someone finds it? So in season 2 – he'll be Nightwing?

Best Lines:

“I've faced worse.”

“Evil inside you scratching to get out.”

“Your actions will be judged.”

“They could be useful to us.”

“Mental technique he learned from his training.”

Donna Troy

There is mention of Wonder Woman and the Justice League as Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl shows up. Was Wonder Girl also in the 1970s 'Wonder Woman' tv show as played by Debra Winger? Young Dick talked about a failed mission involving the Joker. What happened there? Young Dick looks about 10 and Bruce is sending him up agaisnt the Joker? He sent a child against a psycho!

Young Donna Troy threw something sharp at young Dick and he caught it. Statements are made. Dick's shirtless and enigmatic. Did none of Dick's superhero friends wonder why he quit? Rachel Nichols guest stars again. Doesn't Dick have a job? There are significant threats and implications. Donna Troy and her massive lips lurks. Donna is nice to Dick, sometimes. They do dramatics. Donna has self-assuredness and is valorous and has amused satisfaction. This is not strikingly bad. Dick has deep atavistic fears.

Bruce was staggering in his recklessness in what he did to Dick. I was very disappointed with this show but this ep shows potential. Dick's full of strange ferocity. Raven still doesn't heal Dove. Diana is Donna's adoptive mother or something. Donna is up to something. People look for Starfire. Dick follows Donna and wants violent disorder. This is very serious. There is a bear and intimidation. Donna causes extreme discomfort and divide.

Donna is an Amazon. Donna notes Bruce filled Dick with rage and violence. Wonder Girl never hepled Dick. Starfire's mission is to kill Raven. There is a cliffhanger.

Best Lines:

“Being Robin doesn't work anymore.”

“Even Diana thinks that he's scary.”

“It's what you do.”

“Not so much the pep-talk.”

“Us sidekicks gotta stick together.”

“Quit Batman.”

“Violence. It's getting worse.”

“That's hard to imagine.”

“Burned the suit.”

“Wow. Nice dramatics. Mine's in the closet.”

“Never stop no matter how far we ran.”

“That awful place.”

“You lost that chance the day you became Robin.”

“An echo chamber for Bruce's pain.”

“Kick bad guy ass.”

“Missed you Boy Wonder.”

Hank And Dawn

We get a Hawk and Dove I & II origin story. Hank's half brother Don was Dove I, Dawn is Dove II. Hank and Don got into being vigilantes after being expelled from their fancy shcool. Hank was a jerk and was abused by a perv coach. Dove is still comatose and Hank steals drugs. Hank passed out. Dawn was a ballerina. Hank drinks. Where is Kestrel? Hank has post-concussion syndrome.

Hank keeps his superhro gear in the closet? How does the jobless Hank pay rent? A hilariously inept accident killed Don and Dawn's mother. Dawn had an abusive father. This ep was totally horrible. Why did Dawn sleep with Dick? Hank tells Dawn about the molester. I don't care about Hank's chaotic life and noble calling to be a vigilante. This was not potent. I don't care that Dawn was absolutely inconsolable. Dawn finds the perv coach in the yearbook. Why did Hank keep that? This ep was not beneficial. Hank doesn't understand afternoon tea.

Dawn tracks down the coach and finds his porn stash and shuts the door as Hank batters the coach. Does Hank kill the coach? The coach's front door was open as Dawn, Hank and the coach were battering each other. No-one noticed? Dawn shows off her ass – violence turns her on. Hank and Dawn's DNA is all over the coach's house! Hank shows off his ass. Why is Dawn an idiot? Dawn comes out of her coma. Did Raven wake her?

Best Lines:

“Extra-circular martial arts.”

“Batman and Robin, you got company.”

“Dirty mouthed boys from the slums.”

“I don't like pills.”

“Why can't we make it fair.”


There are grim predictions. Donna whips out her lasso to stop Kory killing Raven. Why shouldn't Kory kill Raven? She's a spoilt petulant meance. What about the photos Dick took of Donna? Is the title meant to sound like coriander? Raven cries. There is no dread, cunning or shock. This was unalluring and inane. Why is the phone working? What happened between Dick and Dawn? There is no grave dignity. How can Kory drive? Rachel Nichols lurks. Raven has heartbroken desolation and annoys with a vehemence. Raven tries to throw Beast Boy out. This was not staggeringly impressive or ceaselessly provocative or spiritually enhancing. Things are pretty grim.

I'm sure Angela is a wily mainipulator and mendacious. Raven is potentially cataclysmic as she has unparalled power. Kory's mission is not a shocking and profound revealtion. I feel contemptuous for this unremembered ep. Where's Batgirl? Raven has wariness. Beast Boy sees something intriguing. I'm sure Angela is malicious. Things are wilfully strange. Why isn't Dick at work? Things go their appointed course. Why was Kory initally loyal?

No mot juste. Kory's spaceship is found. What is it with Kory and her metallic makeup? Earth is in peril. How did a demon father a child? Raven's father wants to burn all worlds and there is no hope of escape. Angela kills the nice man who liked her. She is bad. Raven summons her father through a mirror because she is a tool. Angela is a fanatic. The demon is some boring guy. There is no attendant horror. Dick runs into Angela's house to save Raven, Donna and Kory are left outside. Minka Kelly is in this. As who? Dick (Brenton Thwaites) broods.

Best Lines:

“I'm an old friend of Dick's.”

“Wonder Girl.”

“I was.”

“You have a thing for dangeorus women.”

“Summoned to Earth to conceive a daughter.”

“She is the doorway that he can walk through.”

“Something wrong with this place.”

“Death of worlds.”

“Is it time to eat the world?”

Dick Grayson

Dick gets his shirt off and believes he's married to Dawn and has a kid and another on the way. It's a demonic hallcination meant to send him over the edge. Raven and Beast Boy skype from college – it is a hallcination, cos how could Raven get into college? Batgirl and Superman are mentioned. Jason Todd visits in a wheelchair. There is a mention of the Riddler. Jason says Batman is wreaking destruction and all Jason's self-assurance is gone. Gordon's dead – killed by the Joker. Batman is an implacable opponent. Also Alfred's dead.

Batman's ditched any ethical practics he had. Dick's deepest resentments are on display and his avowed intention was never to speak to Bruce again. Barbara's missing and Batman fell out with Superman years ago. Bruce was a lasting influence on Dick who is not conciliatory and he makes ill-advised choices. What did Dick say to Bruce in their last meeting? Was it terribly final? Batman has lost sight of his senses. At least in the hallcination, he has. Why has he never reached out to Dick?

What did he do to erode Dick's trust? Dick has no reverence for Bruce. Gotham is a hellhole and Dick's upbringing was harrowing and his internal disputes and the worrying aspects of his personality all came from Bruce. Was that Jason living homeless on the street? Dick has grievances and wants retribution. Does Bruce deserve to be vilified? The bat signal is retired. The Joker got tossed off a roof and went face first through a car window.

Why is Raven's demon dad mainipulating Dick like this? The Joker is not dead. Dick returns to stately Wayne Manor. Dick had a sort of key. The Batcave is seen and the secret entrance to it is not very effective. Dick had quite an interesting upbringing and has psychological issues as a result. Dick makes a speech to try and reach Bruce, who ignores him. Bruce is like a horror movie villain with his icy cold persona.

Kory is an FBI agent in the hallcination and makes an apparent 'X Files' reference. Dick has despondency. Bruce finishes off the Joker and massacres everyone in Arkham Dick has nothing left but negative tones. Dick gets violent. Why is killing the Joker a bad thing? Hank shows up and Dawn's essential sweetness masks selfishness. As a result of the demon messing with his head Dick is evil now. How long will season 2 take to fix him? Will Batman bother to show up to help him?

Dick reveals Batman's secret identity to the police. Oddly they don't ask who Robin is. Either Robin. And they don't ask how Dick knows. Dick plans a hard target extraction with full and overwhelming force. Dick is particulary hostile. The Batcave is stormed and the Batmobile is seen again. Batman kills people including Kory. He kills Kory with a cold gun. Where did he get that? Stately Wayne Manor is blown up. Dick kills Batman by breaking his neck with his foot. Shame it is all a dream.

Why is Raven's demon dad doing this to poor Dick? Superboy and Krypto the superdog escape Cadmus. Superboy is very buff. Dick's deeply insane and evil now. Cliffhanger!

Best Lines:

“We get what we get.”

“The bunny lamp is co cute.”

“You're the real Robin.”

“I don't stop downtown.”

“A little hard to track down at night.”

“Dresses up like a bat to fight.”

“You really did it.”

“He's always alone.”

“Not when you're around.”

“Angle of impact.”

“Some maniac throwing guys off buildings.”

“Who comes back to Gotham?”

“Bad part of town.”

“Every part's a bad part.”

“Please do not resist.”

“This was his.”

“Wound down many roads.”

“Yeah that.”

“From who he is. From what he is.”

“Why stop at the Joker?”

“Let's end this.”

“He's not going to go quietly.”

“He never had a conscience.”

“You chose the better life.”

“Forget about being Batman's saviour.”

“Embrace his darkness.”

“There's no saving him anymore.”

“Batman is Bruce Wayne.”

The Long Twilight Struggle

There is bad dated VFX and a guest apperance by W. Morgan Sheppard. Londo is not gravely concerned as the war with the Narn comes to an end. Draal (played by a new actor) returns. Draal overacts wildly. G'Kar has the fiercest loyalty to his people. The Centauri use mass drivers on the Narn homeworld. Namely they bombard the planet with asteroids for days until the Narn surrender. No Centauri has a problem with this and they party when the Narn surrender. Soon the Centauri will have their planet bombed back to the Stone Age thanks to Londo's acts.

This was not genuinely threatening. There is stupid dialogue and Sheridan lies. An ISN reporter seems to refer to Earthdump instead of EarthDome. Narn and Centauri brawl. Londo sneers at the defeated Narn and is deliberately awful to G'Kar. Sheridan is made leader of the Rangers. WHY? G'Kar gets sanctuary on B5. This was inherently worthless.

Best Lines:

Ink on a page.”

“Completely encircled by its enemies.”

“Dig down 3 miles.”

The Raising Of Lazarus

This was just arse. The gang whine about getting help. A man tries to communicate with an alien. This was not incredibly bleak.

Best Line:

“Green floating weirdness.”

The Angel Of Death

There are really bad and dated VFX. Another alien shows up. Harrison broods. Ironhorse is meanced. The show got worse from here. No. This ended season 1. I won't bother with season 2.

Best Line:

“Nothing like that on Earth exists. Thank god.”

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