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Book Reviews: Soul Of The Dragon + Heartstones

Saban's Power Rangers: Soul Of The Dragon

It's 20 years since Tommy Oliver laid down the mantle of the green ranger and now he lives in some dystopian future. He and Katherine plan their ranger-less future. There is ugly art and Tommy has backpain. Tommy has a photo of the MMPR. What became of the rest of them? Katherine and Tommy's son JJ acts out. Tommy's losing his power ranger powers. The Master Morpher is malfunctioning. This is Tommy's final story? JJ is kidnapped. Or is he? JJ didn't trust SPD and quit it. What's Triforia? What's the Rebel Run fight? What happened the last time Tommy used the Morpher?

People sell PR powers. Tommy fears JJ has gone bad. Tommy makes a 'Green With Evil' reference. Why is Tommy so leathery like Jack Palance? JJ found growing up in Tommy's shadow hard. Finster wanders free. People fear Rita is back. But no it's Scorpina who is back. Who is her master? Someone dies, but nobody you care about. Where are the other MMPR? There is exposition and JJ becomes the green ranger. Tommy's done with being a ranger. He defined himself as a ranger for decades and now doesn't. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“We saved this planet alone, like, a hundred times.”

“The guys that look like extras from a prison break movie. If it were in space.”

“If you know who I am, then you know about my past.”

“Because you're old.”

“I'm sure it'll be way too loud.”

“Just a crazy whack job who has boundary issues.”

“Blew through all the walls.”

“What did you have him doing?”

“You threw a guy through a wall, dad! And come on, isn't this what you would do back in the day?”

“Didn't hesitate. I never hesitated.”

“Fight against people that would become my friends.”

“Who our parents are absolutely affects us. Even if they don't mean to.”

“Our penance, for a long life of horrors.”

“Our past would come back to haunt us.”

“What Rita did to you, all those years ago.”

“Earth's most treasured guardians.”

I've had her talking for five minutes.”

“After all this time, this is still how you think it works? The brave white knight, riding in alone to save the day.”

“This world's end.”


Heartstones by Ruth Rendell
In this novella, 2 sisters live with their distant father. The precocious Elvira distains her dead mother and her sister Spinny. She is even more distainful when her father announces his intention to remarry. This is a good tale of madness that has a twist and a dark ending.

Best Lines:

“She picks up these expressions from the women who come to clean our house and cook for us.”

“The thief of a parent's love?”

“The greatest happiness I could enjoy would be in his exclusive society without intruders,”

“Luke discouraged my mother's fondness for Mozart.”

“Meekly receiving his corrections or even admonitions.”

“Always sharing this house with Luke.”

“I knew who and what she was and why she was here.”

“He is our GP, a bachelor of medicine, not a true doctor at all.”

“It was a look of fear and that it was of me he was afraid.”

“A task I still meticulously performed for him, though he never thanked me,”

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