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Movie Reviews: ThrillOfTheKill+Katie+Tribute+Sworn To Silence+Rings+The Wrong Neighbor+Dark Horizon

Thrill Of The Kill (2006)

A woman (Shiri Appleby) with a missing sister teams up with an author (Chris Potter) who writes serial killer novels to find her. This was ridic and yes the twist is what you think it is.

Best Lines:

“Best if you don't fight.”

“Brutally murdered you.”

“Boring and disappointing.”

Katie (2018)

This documentary follows Irish boxer Katie Taylor. As a child she defied the ban on female boxers by boxing with a hairnet on and pretending to be a boy, she became a champion and won Olympic gold. Then after her father/trainer abandoned his family for another woman, Katie began a losing spiral. So Katie went pro and began to win again. This was okay, the fact Pete Taylor ditched his family for a woman his daughter's age is glossed over.

Tribute (2009)

A former child star's dreams about her grandmother lead to family revealtions. She buys her grandmother's home and renovates the rundown property. This had promise but was a terrible mistake. Brittany Murphy and Jason Lewis starred. Murphy has dudes hanging off her. Someone has antagonism toward her. Tippi Hedren was in this. Secrets come up. Murphy feels no massive cause for concern. An agitated man yells. This struggles to enthuse. This movie had promise but leaves you angry and frustrated with its dumbness. This causes a negative reaction. Murphy is deeply disliked and men are imperious.

Best Lines:

“Our daddies daddies.”

“Like the Fondas or the Barrymores.”

Sworn To Silence (2012)

Neve Campbell plays a police officer, she's also ex-Amish. An Amish girl is murdered and community secrets come out. This was not even magnificantly ridiclious.

Rings (2017)

The killer movie appears on a plane. Which is a creepy image but this unwanted sequel is all incoherence. Johnny Galecki and Vincent D'Onofrio star.

The Wrong Neighbor (2017)

Michael Madsen co-stars in this movie which is about a poor deluded stalker. This was uninspired and utterly forgettable. Nobody is living what you'd call a full life. The ending is stupid.

Alien Nation: Dark Horizon (1995)

After the tv show was axed, it got FIVE follow-up tv movies. That would never happen today. This stars Gary Graham, Eric Pierpoint, Michele Scarabelli, Terri Treas, Lauren Woodland, Sean Six, Ron Fassler and Jenny Gago.

Some plot points from the tv show are followed up on. The poisoning of the alien cop's wife and child and the message sent to the slave ships in the ep 'Contact'. The alien slave ships are still out there. Who operates them? An overseer (Scott Patterson of 'Gilmore Girls') arrives on Earth to collect the cargo (namely the aliens) lost when the slave ship crashed in the Mojave.

There are dated VFX. It's been 5 years since the alien ship crashed. What is Fleet Command? Purists run rampant. Graham has a girlfriend and a mullet. Graham hates environmentalists. The overseer's tattoo disappears and reappears and he plays a musical instrument that looks like a bong. The overseer gets the name Norman Conquest. Newcomers whine. The Udara are mentioned. There are apparently only 6 billion humans on Earth. Purists are foiled and the slave ship gets a delivery of some Purist anti-Newcomer posion. Which is icky. The Newcomers act like idiots. There is a wedding. This was okay even if every other human hates newcomers and Emily's BFF Jill was absent and some of the acting is dire.

Best Lines:

“Bladder again?”

“Father hummer.”

“Now he's Steven Segal.”

"I hate the ivy in the backyard! There's no snails!"

"I'm not leaving my friends! My school! My mall!"

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