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Why doesn't Starfire know who she is? We get flashbacks to a young Dick. Why was Bruce allowed to take Dick in? Dick nearly ran away from Bruce twice. There are no consistency of views. There are bad VFX. Bruce Wayne seems like a jerk. People are ill-informed and misguided. I don't care about Hawk's antipathy and grievances. Young Dick stole one of Bruce's cars. This show reflects poorly on Batman. What merit and suitability did he have to raise Dick?

It beggers belief that he fed Dick's toxic appetite for violence. Civil disobedience vigilantes rampage. People are ill-judged and ill-informed. There is no moral courage or intensity. There is a revocation of sense. People are not benign. Bruce played a determining role into making Dick what he is. There is no regulatory response to vigilantes.

Was Dick psychologically and physically abused by Bruce? Raven is errant. There is no compelling reason to care. A nun lurks. The weird family cause vexatiousness. Dick has psychological turmoil. Raven is destined to bring her demon dad to Earth. Raven will be humanity's downfall. Raven badmouths Dick. I'm confounded by how bad this ep is. This was dispiriting. This was not tragic or pivotal. This was a horrible thing. People think Raven killed her mother. This was not nuanced and I wish Raven would shut up.

No-one questioned Bruce Wayne's personal behaviour when Dick kept acting out? He was inappropriate. This was not impressively robust. Dick was unsupported. No wonder he is pessimistic. Were people entirely oblivious of Bruce repurposing Dick as a weapon? This show is an unflattering depiction of Bruce and his appalling treatment of Dick. Starfire is an alien. This ep causes a dearth of interest and lack of enthusiasm. This was incompetent. Nuns are evil.

Raven is immured. This ep is hopelessly benighted. Bruce caused domestic frictions and vile abuses of Dick. There are unexplained contradtions and no innovations. Raven is odious. Bruce is a pop culture deity. This is not tense. There are no signicant revelations or poignancy. This was operatically miserable.

Best Lines:

“FBI? In that outfit?”

“We failed.”


“Get you another dad.”

“Dick from Detroit.”

“You stole my car! I like my car!”

“She's the destroyer of worlds.”

Doom Patrol

There are harsh realities. We are shown Beast Boy's origin. Why isn't Dick at work? Raven blew up the convent. Raven resurrects a dead deer. Raven has intransigence. What is Rita? We get scenes of Robin getting aggressive and threatening. This was not successful. The focus on Raven is frustrating. This ep is difficult and challenging. What about the injured Dove?

Bruce commited an extreme abuse of trust. Robin is called a psycho. Dick says he trusted the wrong people. A mad doctor lurks. There is no high emotion. Dick has no duty of care to Raven. There are no very good and decent people.

Best Lines:

“God forgive us all.”

“Wouldn't that be nice.”

“You got problems.”

“He cured me.”

“From what?”

“Have more than us.”

“You hurt my friend. Now I'll hurt you.”


There is a gross egg. Bruce was detrimental and had a defining impact on Dick. Raven knows she can heal but doens't help Dove. Bruce adultified Dick creepily. This show is very disappointing. Robin, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy are a gang. There are disagreeable occurances. Dick is violent and increasingly free of the consequences.

Starfire aka Kory annoys. This was not an absolute delight. This does not leave you enthralled. This was not compelling or fascinating. We get intriguing glimpses of what made Dick what he is. Dick wants to combine their collective might. Bruce refashioned Dick into his image from the time he was a child. Raven whines. Why does Raven have blue hair? Were all members of the crazy family made crazy by drugs?

Dick sold his porsche. Dick was turned into a weapon as a child. This was not a good ep. Starfire and Dick shag. He has scars on his back. Dick is meanced with an electric carving knife and thrown out a window. He walks it off. Dick puts on his Robin costume and strikes a superhero pose. The weird family all die. Dick has ruthless efficiency. Who did the weird family work for? A git shows up.

Best Lines:

“Hurting people is kind of the idea.”

“Sun woman and tiger boy.”

Jason Todd

The git is Jason Todd, the new Robin. Dick is shocked Bruce replaced him so fast. Dick's parents died in 2002. Jason Todd is a rude punk tool. Bruce put a tracker in Dick's arm. Did he roofie Dick so he wouldn't notice? Bruce took Dick off the safe house access list. What a tool Bruce is. Jason Todd gets to drive the Batmobile. Why did Dick quit? Dick cuts the tracker out of his arm. Kory wears bizarre clothes and lipstick.

Someone killed Dick's circus friends. There is a Harvey Dent mention. Dick has deep and active loathing of Bruce. What about Dove? Why doesn't the strongman answer his damn phone? Dick has emotional armour and pent-up tensions and absolute bitterness. We see a 2 year ago flashback to Dick in which the Batmobile is in the background. Dick was conflicted about a crimeboss and his son 2 years ago. There is no moral highground. Jason Todd beats up cops and is vile. When will he die?

Best Lines:

“Thrashing ass.”

“Thought it was cute. Until it wasn't.”

“Your little act of revenge has consequences.”

“Turning me into a weapon. His weapon.”

“Help me. Please.”


“Bruce's Robin.”

“I kick ass with Batman.”

Last Days

The gang of tools arrive on a world where an asteroid is coming. There are dated VFX and Bennish says they should use a nuke. But there are no nukes in this world and Bennish is allowed to play with the failed Fat Man bomb, which is called Einstein's Folly. The professor decides to team up with Bennish and make an A-bomb. The prof can make mould into medicine and now he can make an A-bomb. There are decadent parties. The Quinn of asteroid world went sliding and never showed up in later eps. Wade whines.

It is claimed the asteroid coming ended the Bosnian war and that in Belfast, Ireland – catholics and protestants shared prayers. I guess the writers meant Northern Ireland and a multi-demoninational service. This was not good. The A-bomb is fired at the asteroid. But how? If there are no nukes – how can they launch one? If Bennish was dismissed as a joke, how did anyone decide to launch the A-bomb?

This was not good. Surely blowing the asteroid up in Earth's atmosphere would cause danger. Bennish has the A-bomb blueprints and plans to take over. Jennifer Hetrick and Jason Gaffney guest starred.

Best Lines:

“I'm not ready to die.”

“Who is?”

“Is your computer on the internet?”

“Unalterable collision course.”

“Carcophonous wailing!”

Vengeance Is Mine

Ironhorse does unnecessary rolls and machine guns some people. Then rants like a loon to a shrink. A guy tries to kill Ironhorse with a toy helicopter. Aliens need a ruby. This ep was AWFUL.

My Soul To Keep

John Colicos returns in this appallingly bad ep. A reporter is told to look into Harrison, the reporter is Suzanne's ex. Ironhorse is humourless. The reporter is a deadbeat dad. The aliens try to breed more of themselves. People admire Suzanne's ugly 80s dress and huge perm.

Best Line:

“Don't get me started on those 2 ungrateful bastards.”

So Shall Ye Reap
The aliens plot. This was an abomination.

The Last Hunt: Part 1

This French drama opens with hunters finding a dead Count spread over the woods. 2 arrogant French coopers stay with the dead man's sister while looking into it. There are snotty Germans and odd flashbacks. Rich people resent having to obey laws in this hopelessly muddled frequently infuriating unimportant mess that is not deep or meaningful.

A German cop has no oily charm. People obsess over hunting. One feels abiding loathing for the repellently arrogant Germans. There is no deep sense of unease in this preposterously solemn show which is full of recreational violence. There is shagging, talk of evil brothers, wildly inappropriate comments, an evil family, another death and Nazis.

Best Lines:

“So Nazis are rising from the dead and attacking with ghost dogs?”

“Half the region hates us. The other half is scared of us.”

Divided Loyalties

There is no press on Minbar. Delenn and Sheridan print out their copies of Universe Today. Lyta Alexander returns with a warning that Psi Corps has planted a mole on board. How did Lyta ever get away from Psi Corps after being the only telepath to ever scan a Vorlon? Sheridan allows Lyta to murder someone's personality. There are Rangers and bad acting. Sheridan makes a speech about trees.

Ivanova and Talia have lunch. There are bad VFX and the mole is oddly unmenacing. Lyta screams like a loon. Where did Laurel go? Ivanova reacts angrily when Lyta reveals someone on board has a sleeper personality in their brain and when she sends the password the sleeper personality will take over and the original personality will be gone for good. The sleeper personality is conditioned for self-preservation. Nobody cares that the original personality will be murdered and is murdered.

Sheridan and Delenn discuss butts. Talia and Ivanova were apparently in a relationship. Someone tries to kill Lyta. B5 has no CCTV. Ivanova screams and admits she is a latent telepath, a plot which came to nothing. What did Ivanova's father think of his paranoid wife hiding their daughter from Psi Corps? What about Ivanova's brother? The mole is obvious, but nobody thinks of that. Why couldn't the mole block the telepathic password? If the mole was Control (from 'Spider In The Web') than that ep makes less sense.

The mole tries to grab Garibaldi's gun. He's a terrible security guy. The mole is shipped back to Earth. The recording of the mole's personality also was a dropped plot point. The mole's hairstyle changes. The mole tells Ivanova some nasty truths. This was stridently annoying.


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