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Book Review: My Family and Other Animals

My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell

This wonderful biography covers the five years Gerald Durrell spent with his eccentric family on the island of Corfu prior to World War II. Durrell recounts his love of animals and the various characters and adventures he encountered on the island. When Durrell arrived on Corfu he was 10 and was allowed to run wild by his dotty mother while his three elder siblings (Larry, Leslie and Margo) got on with their own interests of literature, sun bathing and shooting respectively.

Durrell collected a vast menagerie of animals including sea snakes, tortoises, pigeons, magpies, gulls, dogs and various crawling things to the bemusement of his family. This is a very funny read especially Durrell's somewhat unflattering depiction of his pompous elder brother Larry. Gerald Durrell went on to become one of England's foremost naturists and Larry or Lawrence Durrell as he is better known went on to become one of Britain's better known writers of literature. They were some family.
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