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It Follows (2014)

This mumblecore horror bores. A woman makes a really bad decision to have sex with a guy and is cursed. There is no palpable tension or adverse consequnces. This is about abhorrent predatory sexualised stalking and is so very serious. This was not a compelling concoction. This has nothing of any significance.

Best Line:

“Informational meeting.”

The Favourite (2018)

It is 1708 and war (of the Spanish Succession) rages. Queen Anne (Olivia Coleman) is on the throne and is fat, mad, shallow and irritating. Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz) Duchess of Marlborough sees her husband (Mark Gatiss) off to war and fends off Abigail (Emma Stone) who has unspecific but malevolent intent. Ambition poisons discourse in this inglorious film of malign idiocy in which charm is used to devious eneds. People are operatically miserble.

People are mean with ever greater venom and zeal. This is not riddled with pathos. Interest is painfully sparse. The court is deservedly merciless. There is no nostalgic melancholy in this utterly banal and incredibly false film.

Best Lines:

“Suck for your supper.”

“You look like a badger.”

“Walking a duck.”

Bully (2001)

I've read the true crime novel 'Bully: A True Story Of High School Revenge' by Jim Schutze this is based on. This account of an infamous murder in Florida is full of teen t&a and inappropriatly dressed teen girls. Brad Renfro, Rachel Miner, Bijou Phillips, Nick Stahl and Michael Pitt star.

Bobby Kent (Stahl) is a notorious bully and jerk who ends up murdered by his so called friends. Bobby physically abused his so called best friend Marty and pimped him out while molesting women. This has sadness, shabbiness, mess, cruelty and thoughtless stupidity. This film is a frightening indictment of a society of directionless teens and uncaring parents.

Bobby wilfully fostered hostility and disappointment. There is no human decency. A girl has a son she doens't raise, other girls were teen hookers, another is haunted by a violent family murder and there is latent unease. This was okay. There is drooling, no self-recrimination and a violent murder. The screaming morons have reckless disregard and are jubilantly malign.

Best Lines:

“I only helped carry the body.”

“What's that for?”

“To kill Bobby Kent.”

“Source of everybody's troubles.”

“Kill his ass.”

“A murder murder?”

Central Intelligence (2016)

This is another Dwayne Johnson film. Odd how 'The Mummy Returns' starred Brendan Fraser and Dwayne The Rock Johnson was the stunt cast cameo. Now Johnson is the biggest movie star in the world and Fraser isn't. This is of no cultural significance and is plain rotten. A whiny bitch played by Kevin Hart runs into an old schoolmate (Johnson) who is now a CIA agent. This was banality with a bully and stupidity. This was medicore.

Best Lines:

“Pick up any phone in your house, they're all bugged.”

“This is Facebook's fault.”

“Dangerous psychotic.”

“I've seen 'Homeland'!”

“Sound like Ray Liotta at the end of 'Goodfellas'.”

The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)

Michael Rennie stars in this sci-fi classic, let's ignore the remake. A flying saucer lands in Washington. An alien (Rennie) and his robot unfairly draw negative attention as they try to give Earth a message. Rennie wears silver underwear. There is dated tech and people think Rennie came from either Mars or Venus. Rennie is eerie as the strange visitor from another planet. A newsreader wears a hat. Rennie sees the sights, humans are aggressive, violent and supid, an annoying kid lurks and there are stupid women. People are malicious, impetuous and have grievances. The power goes out and Rennie makes a speech. There is a sort of twist and an open ending.

Best Lines:

“How dare you write on that blackboard!”

“We cannot tolerate.”

“This power can not be revoked.”


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