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The documentary comes back on.

(Close up of a young man who is doing a model pose in his chair)

(Caption: Billy Fordman: Boyfriend of Buffy Summers)

Int: So you were dating Buffy before her disappearance in 1997?

Billy: Yeah since 1996, we were like pre-engaged! We were going to go to USC together! She made me complete. (Sniffs) Sorry this is all very emotional for me.

Int: How did you feel when the news of the Sunnydale cult broke?

Billy: I was like, dude that is whacked!

Int: So how do you cope with your tragic loss?

Billy: Well there was that MTV documentary special on 'Teenagers and Cults' I was part of. That gig lead me to that Calvin Klein modelling job and the music video. Did you know that the guy who is on The CW could play me in the movie they're making about this? Score! (pauses) Of course, nothing will ever make up for the loss of Buffy but during a party in Vegas I met my fiancée who helped heal my broken heart. She's a Playmate. I'm sure wherever Buffy is in the afterlife she's happy to know that someone will win an Oscar for playing her in the movie.

(Close up of a haggard looking middle aged woman)

(Caption: Mrs Chase: Mother of Cordelia)

Mrs Chase: They killed my baby.

Int: I know this must be very hard for you.

Mrs Chase: They cut her up.

Int: How is your life now, without Cordelia?

Mrs Chase: She's gone and I never see her. My husband wouldn't let me see her. She was wrapped in black rubbish bags, like she was trash.

Int: What do you think of the cult?

Mrs Chase: They should all burn in the deepest pit of hell for all eternity and that will never ever be bad enough.

(Close up of a short bald man with large ears)

(Caption: Snyder - Former Principle of Sunnydale High)

Int: What were your impressions of Mr Giles, Harris, Osbourne and Rosenberg?

Snyder: Closeted. School shooter in waiting. Rehab ad. Flake.

Int: Had you no notion of the blight that was growing under your very nose?

Snyder: No. Those kids didn't fall in with a bad crowd; they were the bad crowd. Add to this PCP intake and dabbling in the unholy occult and what happened at Graduation was inevitable. I mean society nods its head at any horror the American teenager can think to bring upon themselves! Deficient parenting, no prayers in schools, liberal media brainwashing, Will and Grace, a Democrat President and the internet - no wonder these children were so ripe for corruption by that fop. In my best-selling book 'The Downfall of Sunnydale's Class of 99' I laid out what went wrong. Drugs, porn, occult and the liberal media - I point my finger at them and proclaim: you caused this! I am proud to report that after Sunnydale High was rebuilt, we brought in new rules to ban more books and expel more students.

Int: You left Sunnydale High a year after that tragic Graduation.

Snyder: Well after several Congressmen endorsed my book I decided to pursue my new career. My radio show 'Snyder's Straight Talk' is syndicated nationwide. I say: bring back corporal punishment! Expel weirdo kids and send them to military school! More prayer in school! No welfare for single mothers! Make American great again!

Int: How do you feel about the planned major motion picture based on the case?

Snyder: I hear Patrick Stewart is to play me. As long as there is no nudity and no cuss words, I will view it.

Int: How do feel about the punishment meted out to those convicted?

Snyder: I attended Rosenberg's execution. She was screaming and shrieking and begging forgiveness. They had to drag her to the death chamber. Some of the victim's parents were chanting at her to fry. She was weeping and wailing and snot was running down her face. She died screaming. Now she burns in hell. The other two should have gone with her.

Int: How about Amy and Tara?

Snyder: Seduced by evil. I pray for those fallen women every day.

(Shot of Tara, she is smoking a cigarette)

Tara: Snyder is so full of crap. That's not what happened at all. Not even close.

Int: Can you tell us in your own words? Who killed Mr Giles?

Tara: I can tell you, whether you'll believe me is another story. The day after Buffy and Cordelia were taken away and killed, we all knew they'd been killed. Nobody would say it out loud though. We all knew. Faith was gone. We knew not to talk about that. Anyway Xander was black and blue; Giles had lost it and kicked the crap out of him. Xander's parents didn't notice, from what I could tell Xander's dad smacked his wife and son around every Friday night as part of what he called home correction.

Int: The Harris family disowned their son after his arrest. They fled the state and have changed their names.

Tara: I wonder why. The Rosenberg's stood by Willow, until the trial and then they went on Oprah and said she was dead to them. Dramatic stuff. Anyway Mr Giles was not in a good mood. He had us all sit in a circle on the floor. Xander was holding an icepack to his face, Amy was holding the baby, Willow was weeping, Oz was silent and I was trying not to be noticed. Anyway Mr Giles said we had to have a sacrifice. He was going on and on about this and I just looked around the circle and what I saw made me cold. I looked into their eyes and all I saw was geometry of darkness, a black corridor leading away into endless night. These people weren't my friends. They never were my friends.

Int: Why didn't you go to the police?

Tara: They'd have known. I would have ended up like Cordelia and Buffy. You heard Oz's testimony. They drove to the school, Cordelia had bled to death en route but Buffy was still alive so Mr Giles strangled her with his bare hands. Isn't this what you all want to hear?

Int: Why bury Buffy at the school and Cordelia in Harris' garden?

Tara: Willow thought it was funny. Willow was the first to agree to Mr Giles' plan. She said Sunnydale High was a focal point. She said that if you were standing at the right place at just the right time, you would be able to see what was really there. The real reality she said. Willow said that at Graduation we would do a ritual that was Mankind's oldest secret. A dark rite that predates civilisation and that will continue long after civilisation's end. Mr Giles agreed - at the time we thought they were on the same wavelength. How wrong we were.

Int: What kind of ritual?

Tara: I'm getting to it. Mr Giles said it had to begin with blood. So he went to his room got this huge knife. He threw it down at our feet and said one of us had to kill him. Anyway Amy started blubbering so he screamed that he wanted it done in the next 5 minutes.

Int: He wanted to be killed?

Tara: Yes. Willow picked up the knife and he screamed at her to just do it. Kill him. One stab to the heart. Clean, quick, to start the ritual.

Int: What was your reaction?

Tara: I told her to do it.

Int: You told her to kill him?

Tara: He was crazy, I thought we'd be free. Then he said he left the texts that told us how to bring him back on his bed. Then he told Willow to kill him. She started crying and he called her a useless stupid arrogant amateur and she just went berserk. She stabbed him over and over and over and over again. Amy had to pull her off. Then we looked around. Mr Giles was dead. Then Willow said weren't bringing him back.

Int: What?

Tara: Well, Willow said to put him in the freezer to prevent any smells. So we dragged him to the freezer and tossed him in. Then we wiped up the blood and left.

Int: Left?

Tara: We hadn't gone to the Homecoming dance so we weren't going to miss Prom so we needed shoes.

Int: So what did you about the ritual?

Tara: For a week we didn't do anything. We posed for the yearbook photos. Oh and Cordelia was missing and they were sticking up this big pink posters all over the town. Willow drew smiley faces on them.

Int: What can you tell me about this ritual?

Tara: Willow was blathering about this big ritual. Her version of it. Not his. She was talking about it in the cafeteria. Out loud and in public. With Mr Giles gone, they got utterly reckless. Xander covered for Mr Giles; he claimed the unexpected family emergency thing. Nobody noticed or cared. Anyway we're sitting there eating pasta and Willow starts going on about the ritual. She talked about a void of blackness, which I presume was Valta. She said Valta was part of the whole shape of creation. The dark side. The part we can't look at too close, because it would probably destroy our minds if we saw how the pieces really fit together.

Int: What about bringing Mr Giles back from the dead like he wanted?

Tara: Willow said that wasn't going to happen. Xander and Oz fell in with her. Amy was like me learning too late what she was mixed up in. But those three, they were true believers. The rites would be performed. Now this rite was a religious practice dating back to prehistory. But first we had to do Willow's thing. We dragged Mr Giles out of the freezer and put him in the bath. To thaw.

Int: Do you believe this rite would work?

Tara: I dream of them every night. Every night I have the same dream, I can hear the dead walking around in hell.

Int: So you thawed Mr Giles.

Tara: He was there. Very dead. Willow decided to keep him around as a witness to her. After what I what, what we did, I can't tell which seems real. The ordinary, everyday stuff, or everything that's behind it. We burned incense and chanted to start. (moans) Than there was the finger-painting our bodies with a mixture of blood and ash to purify ourselves.

Int: Why?

Tara: Did you know the very oldest forms of religious belief known to mankind hold that the ordinary everyday world is just a flimsy illusion? Nothing but a bubble of make-believe sanity adrift upon an endless sea of chaos?

Int: No.

Tara: Neither did I but I believe it.

Int: What are you saying?

Tara: Willow had gone off the rails. She twisted Mr Giles' intentions to her own ends. She didn't want to shut the door to Valta. She wanted to open it. We went along with her. For her Valta was the real heart of creation, and it is dark and difficult to reach. She wanted to cross over into Valta. To stand before the Old Ones. The dark uber-gods who created reality. Who are reality.

Int: You can't be serious.

Tara: Willow was arrogant. That's what happened at Graduation. No ploy to kill classmates but they were necessary. Sunnydale High was built over an ancient place of magick. The barriers were a little thinner there, more permeable. When Willow opened the door, there would be a huge backlash of magick due to two worlds teetering on the edge of an infinite, unknowable chasm. That's what the class of 99 were to her, things to absorb the backlash.

Int: The police and FBI said it was arson.

Tara: Fire with no cause, that burns cold? You saw the TV news footage. The flames were blue. Nobody set any fire. Backlash. Willow didn't want Mr Giles back; she wanted to be leader. She used herbs and stuffing to preserve him. She kept him around so she could gloat. She talked to him. It was revolting.

Int: What did you do?

Tara: Well got my SAT scores and bought this faux medieval green velvet dress for Prom. I went with Xander. Willow shoplifted this bronze taffeta thing and went with Oz. Amy came by herself; she had the baby in a bag under her table. She gave the baby a bottle of vodka-laced milk and it didn't cry once all night. Even when they played We Are Family and Jonathan got drunk and danced the madison on the buffet table. Harmony was spitting nails because they cancelled the Prom Queen thing due to Cordelia vanishing. I was pregnant and kept having to run to the bathroom to puke. Anyway then came the yearbooks and then they gave out the graduation caps and gowns.

Int: Why didn't you warn anyone?

Tara: About what? Magick? The day of Graduation dawned and it was overcast. I stood in the grounds and looked at all those empty chairs and I felt cold. Then Willow stood behind me and told me that Buffy's blood had soaked into the Earth and that I could feel Valta. She said she could almost touch it. All I knew was that there was something there I couldn't touch, couldn't bear to get close to and I knew what it was. Valta. I believed. In that moment I believed utterly.

Int: Why did you stay?

Tara: To see if she could really do it. They started the ceremony. Rows of us in our caps and gowns. Willow was naked under her gown. She was caked with blood symbols. In Mr Giles' blood. She was muttering, cutting herself with a razor blade, her blood was dripping onto the ground. She'd slashed her arms, her legs and her stomach. She was muttering words from the depths of antiquity. It wasn't any language I recognised. Just harsh, guttural noises. It didn't sound like any language meant to be spoken with human voices. People were listening to the Mayor witter on about striving for the future and I could see the reality beyond the shadows. The veil was starting to fall away.

Int: What happened then?

Tara: She stood up, dripping blood and screamed and people saw her and screamed and then I felt the tilt of creation itself, a cataclysmic darkness rushing in from every direction, overwhelming everything I ever believed was sane. The door opened, I saw it. The door to the unspeakable place. They saw it too; it was like having a blanket made of maggots rubbed in your face. I shut my eyes, I wouldn't look but I could still feel it- a relentless pressure of something other beating against the paper walls of what we'd always thought was reality. I heard smoke and screaming and smelt blood and death. The door was open; my classmates didn't like what they saw on the other side. Willow was walking toward that door. She wanted in. She wanted recognition of her brilliance. She was a fool, whatever gods ruled there, rule in peace. The laws that govern are simple: they stay on their side, we stay on ours. She'd broken that law and I knew something would happen.

Int: What happened?

Tara: The Earth moved.

A commercial comes on. It is for fast cars.


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