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Fanfic From The Vaults: AND THE WALLS CAME TUMBLING DOWN - Part 3

The documentary comes back on.

(Close up of the woman known only as Agent Jenny Calendar. She is obviously wearing a wig and coloured contact lenses)

(Caption: Alias: Jenny Calendar)

Calendar: Let them bust me down for saying this. I've already being exiled slash demoted to files and records in the basement for my views. What are they going to do? Fire me? I'll sue!

Int: You were sent in undercover to Sunnydale High in late 1997?

Calendar: Correct. It seemed pretty basic. Computer hacking and not very good hacking either. I was sent in as a teacher. Undercover is not like 21 Jump Street you know. I poked around. It was so badly done. The library computers were being used to hack into law enforcement mainframes. Willow was the hacker; she was so arrogant she thought we didn't know what she was doing.

Int: What did you think of Willow?

Calendar: Arrogant and very, very angry. A dangerous mix. It was bottled inside her.

Int: What about Mr Giles?

Calendar: The monster. The boogeyman. The fiend that parents use to keep their children in line - be good or Mr Giles will get you. A convenient fiction. He's dead, the perfect scapegoat.

Int: He was the Manson like leader of a cult.

Calendar: Manson? Cult? (Laughs) A bunch of hysterical teenagers, who all got blanket immunity by the way, weep about spells and monsters and cults on the witness stand and suddenly Mr Giles is a monster? Did you never read The Crucible?

Int: You knew Mr Giles?

Calendar: Yes. He was a man. A normal, everyday, caring man who made the mistake of taking pity on two runaway drug guzzling gutter sluts.

Int: He fathered Baby S.

Calendar: He was lonely, far from home. That cheap whore took advantage of him.

Int: She had a name, a family. Her name was Buffy Summers and she was a victim. She's dead.

Calendar: She and that high school dropout Faith were turning tricks and smoking heroin on every street corner in Sunnydale. She picked up the wrong trick. Happens all the time.

Int: How do you explain the condition of Mr Giles and Baby S when they were found?

Calendar: If there was a monster in Sunnydale. It was Willow. That room where they found Mr Giles and the baby was her handiwork. Veteran cops were vomiting at the sight of it. Willow was crazy. What she did to him. He was gentle, kind, he never hurt anyone.

Int: The testimony was damning.

Calendar: Lies. All lies to save themselves.

Int: Willow was executed. Osbourne and Harris will die in jail. They weren't saved.

Calendar: Faith, Anya, Amy and Tara are all walking free. With immunity. You call that justice?

Int: Who killed Buffy and Cordelia?

Calendar: Harris murdered Cordelia. Buffy was killed by a trick. Why do you care?

Int: And Valta?

Calendar: Oh for the love of, Faith was a crack smoking highschool dropout streetwalker! Lies!

Int: And what happened at Graduation?

Calendar: Proves my point. You think only Willow, Oz and Xander pulled that off? Hell no. The others were in on it up to their pretty necks. Proves my point. Can you tell me why Amy and Tara weren't tried?

Int: Osbourne pleaded guilty. His testimony exonerated Tara.

Calendar: She was pregnant with his child!

Int: Mr Giles fathered Tara's child.

Calendar: And why was no DNA test done to prove this? Tara was knocked up by Oz. He kept her out of jail.

Int: Buffy, Tara and Anya. All three teenagers gave birth within a short period of time. Do you still deny the existence of Mr Giles breeding cult?

Calendar: They are all lying sluts. And I'm not saying another word. Your anti-Giles bias is so obvious. Open your eyes. Did you read that book on the case with my name on it? Lies! What was it called? 'Slaughter of the Innocents' or something? I didn't write that. Some other agent did and they stuck my alias on it. It's all lies! What does that tell you? My alias on an anti-Giles book? Open your eyes!

(Shot of a slightly overweight blonde young woman)

(Caption: Amy, victim of cult)

Amy: Willow roped me in. I just wanted someone to like me. It was so humiliating. I had tried out for the cheerleading squad. But Chase sabotaged my chances by telling everyone I was too fat. Fat Amy she called me. I was crying in the bathroom and Willow found me there. She invited me to the library and that's where it all started.

Int: You were inducted into the cult.

Amy: Yes. Willow and Xander were Mr Giles right hand men. Oz showed up a few months after me. He was a total druggie. Faith and Buffy hung around from the start. Buffy was out of it. I think Mr Giles kept her sedated all the time. Faith chewed her nails, I think she was really scared. Tara showed up one day with Oz. Mr Giles was real happy about that. Another womb you see.

Int: Did you ever meet Jenny Calendar?

Amy: No.

Int: Did Mr Giles make you part of the breeding programme?

Amy: Not at first. Willow had to read the stars first. She was desperate to make the baby. She couldn't have children. She made us all drink these horrible potions that she said would increase our fertility. She thought she was a witch, I mean, a witch?

Int: Did you ever meet Anya?

Amy: Yes of course.

Int: Why did Daniel Osbourne aka Oz plead guilty?

Amy: Shame. The lawyer's fees would have broken his parents. Plus Mr Giles was dead, the spell was broken.

Int: How did Mr Giles die? Explain the condition of his body when he was found?

Amy: I don't want to be telling this story.

Int: The medical examiner said a crude attempt had been made to mummify his remains.

Amy: When the pure blood closed the door to Valta, the righteous would rise and rule. We had to do it save his soul. Otherwise he would be damned to walk the shadowlands forever. Willow said we had to! Yes Willow, she made us do it! It was to bring him back!

Int: How did he die?

Amy: (cries) Willow had us help her. We had to bring him back to tell us what to do you see.

Int: Who killed him?

Amy: (sobs louder) I don't know. I don't want to know. It wasn't enough. It'll never ever be enough for him. Ever.

(Shot of a young woman with mouse brown hair)

(Caption: Tara)

Tara: I've told so many lies. I can't remember the lies I've told anymore.

A commercial comes on. It is for hamburgers.
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