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Fanfic From The Vaults: AND THE WALLS CAME TUMBLING DOWN - Part 1

This fanfic was posted a number of years ago on a website which is now defunct due to the death of the siteowner. Now it is being re-posted. It is a Buffy The Vampire Slayer AU in which seasons 1 to 3 went VERY differently. Or did they?

The TV is on, at 21:30 there will be a documentary.

The credits come on showing that the documentary was made with international financing.

(Caption: Sunnydale High, California, 1999)

(Shot of multiple fire trucks fighting an inferno raging in a large building. Shot of a line of cops holding back a crowd of reporters, gawkers and crying teenagers in soot stained graduation caps and gowns)

(Shot of woman sitting in a dark room. Her face is digitally obscured. Her voice is electrically altered)

(Caption: Joyce, Mother of Victim)

Joyce: I saw it on the news about what they did at the graduation ceremony. I couldn't believe it. Then later the cops called me and told me they found my daughter buried in the sub-basement of Sunnydale High. I didn't know what to think. Buffy was so beautiful and popular but the LAPD said she'd run away and we kept telling them she'd been kidnapped. And we were right all along!

Interviewer (off screen): When did Buffy go missing?

Joyce: 1997 from her school parking lot here in LA.

Int: The autopsy showed Buffy died only a short time before she was found.

Joyce: That freak kidnapped her, held her for years and then killed her.

Int: The autopsy also showed she'd given birth.

Joyce: If you can call it that.

Int: Baby S as we are legally obliged to refer to the infant now resides with you and your husband?

Joyce: Yes. Even if that freak did father her, DNA tests proved it. My husband and I fought in court to have Buffy's baby given to us so we could raise that child right.

Int: What is your opinion of the other issues raised in this case?

Joyce: I will not discuss that. The man was crazy, those kids were sick. They should all rot for what they did.

Int: What will you tell Baby S about all this?

Joyce: Nothing if I have my way.

(Shot of a dark haired young man in an orange prison issue jump suit, who is manacled to a chair)

(Caption: Alexander Harris, serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole)

Xander: What do you want to talk about?

Int: Cordelia Chase.

Xander: No.

Int: You were convicted for among other things, the murder of Cordelia Chase.

Xander: It wasn't murder.

Int: She was buried in various places in your back yard.

Xander: Shut up.

Int: Cheerleader, homecoming queen, accepted to Stanford. Ms Chase had a glittering life didn't she?

Xander: Not any more she doesn't.

Int: She was fed a toxic cocktail of herbs and then stabbed 50 times.

Xander: Had to make sure.

Int: Did he tell you to kill her?

Xander: Bite me, you know nothing.

Int: Various organs were missing from her body. Were you involved with that?

Xander: Wouldn't you like to know.

Int: Did you kill her?

Xander: A jury said so. Her parents say so. My parents say so. That Calendar bitch said so in her best selling true crime novel. I'm in here; she's in a box. Does it really matter anymore?

Int: Did you kill her?

Xander: She was pretty.

Int: What about Buffy?

Xander: Buffy was a friend!

Int: She was kidnapped in 1997, held captive, impregnated and finally murdered in 1999. She was killed by repeated blows to the head. How is that friendship?

Xander: You don't understand.

Int: The murder was attributed to Mr Giles, who fathered Baby S.

Xander: Go away.

Int: Why Cordelia Chase? Did Mr Giles pick her out or did you?

Xander: Go away.

Int: He told you to kill her, didn't he? Did he give you the knife?

Xander: I had to.

Int: Did he tell you to eat her remains too?

Xander: That was never proven.

Int: It was in your friend Willow's case. I've never seen a death sentence so fast tracked. She was executed a month after conviction.

Xander: Shut up.

Int: Do you want to talk about Valta?


(Shot of armed prison guards running in)

(Caption: Interview terminated. Permission for repeat interview denied repeatedly by prison authorities)

(Shot of a room decorated in homespun pastels. Shot of a woman sitting on a sofa. Her face is digitally obscured)

(Caption: Anya, Friend of Alexander Harris)

Anya: I'm on TV right?

Int: Yes. You were a friend of Alexander Harris?

Anya: Yes. We met in school, we clicked, we slept together. He didn't want any of the gang he hung out with to know about me which was just fine by me. They were freaks. You heard the allegations Jonathan made against Willow?

Int: Yes.

Anya: Do you believe them? I do. Anyway Xander, he wasn't like the prosecutors said. He was so nice and funny. Note I said was.

Int: When did he change?

Anya: When I told him I was pregnant. We were in his room. He turned dead white and ran to his closet and dug out these fistfuls of dollar bills. Fistfuls! And he threw them on the bed until it was covered in thousands and thousands of dollars. Then he went into the attic, got a suitcase and shoved all the money inside. It was a big suitcase. I've no idea where he got that money from. Anyway I was sitting there watching this. So he pulls me to my feet, hands me the suitcase and tells me to get on a plane and never set foot in Sunnydale again.

Int: What did you do?

Anya: I asked him why. And he said that if Mr Giles found out he'd come for me and my baby and he'd (begins to cry) You know all this! You know! The defence tried to block my testimony saying it was too sensational. But he said it! And I believed him! I still do! It was real! Valta! You know! Xander told me I'd end up like Cordy if I didn't run and keep on running. I didn't want to go to Valta. He was shaking with fear. Shaking! Valta was very real. Snyder was full of crap, PCP hallucinations my ass.

Int: By Cordy do you mean Cordelia Chase?

Anya: Who else?

Int: So what did you do?

Anya: Got on a plane. I kept expecting Mr Giles to show up and drag me off. I ran and kept running.

Int: You vanished from Sunnydale before the Homecoming Dance. Cordelia Chase vanished the night of the Homecoming Dance where she was crowned Homecoming Queen. When they dug her head out of Harris' yard, she was still wearing the tiara.

Anya: Poor Cordy was already doomed. Mr Giles sent her to Valta.

Int: At his trial, it was alleged Harris got you pregnant deliberately.

Anya: Probably.

Int: And your baby?

Anya: It was cold.

A commercial comes on. It is for breath mints.
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